Keep Your Customers Happy

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You have probably heard the words “The client is always right” more times than you can count. Of course, there were many cases when customers were not right at all, but every respectful business owner knows how important business reputation is and how valuable customer’s opinion can be. Keeping your customers happy must be your all-the-time goal, for the very sake of your business.

The happy customer is your business’ best friend!

The happy customer has many perks for your company. Engaging and establishing a long-term relationship with your customers will help your company be competitive and reputable. This is why it is important to always do your best to focus on the great customer experience in all departments of your company and always provide excellent quality service and produce.

  • The happy customer recommends you to his friends and relatives, which can eventually become your new loyal customers and they on the other hand will share their awesome experience with others. Latest surveys show that a single happy customers recommends you to at least 9 other people.
  • The happy customer will return to you whenever he needs the same product/service, in other words, he is a constant in your income.
  • The happy customer spreads the good word for you using his social media accounts, which is the most effective positive marketing. Great reviews about you on the internet will attract even more customers, is there anything better than that?


The Unhappy customer can be your business’ worst enemy…


The unhappy customer can cause great damage to your business and even ruin it. Their words and shares about you will repel all potential clients and investors, branding your business as unreliable. Therefore, you have all to lose and nothing good to gain if you do not keep your customers happy.

  • The unhappy customer will share his bad experience with you with his friends and relatives, thus destroying the chances they ever becoming your regulars, and furthermore, they will share the customer’s bad experience and so on in an endless cycle that will affect your business in the most devastating ways.
  • The unhappy customer will never return to you for any service/product, thus, you are actually losing your chances to profit.
  • The unhappy customer will spread the word about how awful your business is, which is the most effective negative marketing, and the unhappy customer’s influence is extensive and has the entire internet to back him up. Social media is a weapon for the unhappy customers, and they can be a dangerous combination.
  • The unhappy customer may even take his claim to court, create petitions and publications  which will end in great loss and expenses. There are a lot of facts throughout the history that point out how ruinous these actions can be for any business.Always monitor the processes in your company and manage your team of employees, keeping these facts in mind. A great and timely service and a quality produce demands perfect quality and time management. The time tracking software is a perfect opportunity to keep an eye on all projects and services in your company, and to ensure your customers will stay happy. The strong performance of your company will turn your customers into the great asset they can be.

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