How to Deal With the Poor Performance of Your Employees

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Possibly the widest spread issue in an office of the modern era is the procrastinating and the lack of energy in the employees when they are at work, which eventually makes the whole process difficult for the rest of the employees and the managers to overcome. Needless to say, slowing the workflow will leave some employees obligated to burn the midnight oil in order to finish the procrastinated task on time.

It is obvious that if this happens on regular basis, someone in your office does not put in enough efforts to perform properly, or the entire processing needs some adjustment. However, when it comes to narrowing down few individuals and strengthening their performance, here are some tips on how you can achieve that:

    Conduct a survey/poll/exam to check if all employees understand the work process, communication line, and their duties. Based on the results of that survey choose your actions for the employees who have failed to meet the expectations, for you can either choose to contact those employees to find out why are they having a difficult time keeping up and managing their tasks, or choose to remove them from their position and hire someone else.

   Organize daily briefings to address any issues you have noticed are slowing down the performance and seek a resolution for the problem. The everyday meetings you can make with your staff will help to better organize the workflow for your team and set clear goals for them to pursue. Do not forget to give the your feedback on their work, so your employees would know what they need to improve or how amazing is their work.

   Try and ingrain a habit in your staff to always keep you up to date on their assignments, this will simply leave no room for procrastination when you require updates in a timely manner. Since these updates will be crazy hard to follow the more employees you are having, using a time and attendance software to track employee activities and receive their notes will ease this task. The timekeeping software is a popular tool for productivity improvement.

  Demand your employees take breaks to refresh themselves. Another issue that may slow down the performance of your employees is if they are having no rest or are under stress, if they are tired, the longer they work, the less productive they become and it is likely they will not manage to finish their work on time and on standard or even quit, leaving you in need to quickly find replacement.

   Nevertheless, since the performance of your employees may not depend entirely on them, but on the tools and materials they have available, it will be best to invest some of your budget into those necessities, since you are losing more money from that, than you will spend on lets say buying another printer if your staff takes too much time waiting on each other to use it.

The poor performance of your employees is not always their fault, and you must keep in mind that everything from the environment to teamwork, from poor policies to bad management practices, from lack of necessities to personal time management issues can cause your employees to have a difficult time to complete their assignments.

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