8 Things You Can Do to Stop Procrastinating While Working on Your Computer

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 Time managing successfully our tasks when using the PC depends on how we divide our time between the tasks we are supposed to or want to complete while using it. It is common for many people to forget themselves around the computer and procrastinate what they were planning to do. Here are some tips to help you improve your time management and focus when you are using the PC at work.

Email management at work

Checking your inbox and dealing with emails takes too much time? Well, why don’t you try and use that email management technique to reduce the time you spend in the virtual mailbox.

Process emails daily – If you leave the email processing for later, in the end, you will have more emails than time to review and answer them. Creating a strict time window in your day for that task will help you concentrate on your other priorities and not waste precious time for email management.

Prioritize the emails – You should know by simply looking at the sender’s name and email subject, whether is that email important at the time and do you need to answer right away. Divide your emails by relevancy and deal with the less important ones last, while applying the 1-minute rule for the urgent ones.

Create templates for similar emails – When you often end up writing the same thing yet again, create email templates you can use to reduce the time you spend typing.

Create folders and use filters- Another email problem is the disorganized inbox. Create folders either using the sender’s name or email subject to filter the letters into, this way you will faster find any email you need.

Social Media during working hours

Social Medial pages can eat up more time than you originally thought, just because they are ruining your focus, thus affecting your performance and personal time management skill. If you really, really need to check with your friends online, try using this technique.

Leave social media for when you are done with the hardest and most important tasks. Why? It is no secret that social media is distracting and addictive, each time you open your page you cannot simply stop scrolling down or writing posts and twitts, and hence you can not wait to reenter in your personal realm, losing your grasp on your time and your self-control, slowing down your performance and productivity, piling up your work and tasks for the last minute. It is irrelevant if you are at home or at the office, if you do not control when you are using social media, it will devour your day before you know it.

Set a time window for social media usage – setting up a time window for social media checkups, and doing your best not to break it, will improve your time management skills and help you being productive and taking the most out of your day.

Bookmarks – necessary or not?

Bookmark only what you really need. Often people bookmark the sites they wish to revisit, creating an endless list of websites, and once in a while, they remember them. When this happens, you are actually eager to visit the website and cannot concentrate. Just like the chocolate sitting in front of you, you wish to have a bite from. Therefore, when you are at work, try and not bookmark  pages that are not relevant to your job. If you manage to do that, your will have fewer distractions  preventing you from finishing on time without a rush.

Games and your workflow

Do not install games on your work computer. I have not only once witnessed people who install games on their work computers, hiding them from the managers in secret folders that only they know how to find. Needless to mention, it is not ethical to play while they pay you to work, and furthermore, you once again betray your own self if you lose your time doing that.


Procrastinating your tasks and leaving them for later will result in few things – you will have to hurry up like crazy, stressing over your unfinished in time task, you will produce lesser quality work, which may lead to even worse outcome for you, and also, you may need to stay extra hours and thus lose both your family time and your  personal time.

This is why we at SCREENish are always advising the managers and business owners to use a time tracking software to help their teams develop a better time management skill and increase their concentration. Time management is important not only for the managers and the company, but for the employee as well. If you improve your time management skill and learn to focus you can profit not only from work but from your life.

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