Project and process time management

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It is no secret that time management is an essential part of every process. Furthermore, it is a key to the level of productivity and the successful completion of a project. Hence, for the workflow to go smoothly everybody that are participating should have quality time management skills. However even if all the employees have perfect time management abilities and no one is procrastinating, what is also to be time tracked is the process its self.

Why should the workflow be time tracked? All tasks have their physical time that is needed for them to be completed, no one can expect a task that is supposed to take five minutes to be done for two and a half. Therefore, even if all have strong time management abilities, managing the whole process and moving in the estimated time, requires time tracking of the process itself.

Since all projects are comprised of numerous smaller ones, using a time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels will help in properly delegating and monitoring those tasks and to achieve better organization of the workflow.

How will time tracking aid the work process? Imagine an office that is working around the clock to complete their assignments and the need to manage each employee that is participating. To constantly go around hovering over their shoulders to see where they are at will be annoying, difficult and a total loss of time which can actually be concentrated on more important matters. Thus, using tools like a time tracking software with screenshots will give an exact picture of what is going on, is every employee moving according to the schedule and are there any issues that are slowing down the process.

Time tracking is also important for the management of the productivity levels. Using time tracking will give an exact data on the time needed to complete a certain task or project, an information that can also be used to estimate the needed time window for the next project. Such actions will help in estimating the budget as well, giving a more accurate picture to how many hours will be spent on its finalization. Hence, helping for the decreasing of the costs of the future projects and lowering the chance not to meet the deadlines.

If monitoring the employee’s workflow is done properly, instead of micromanaging, you will access all necessary¬† data and payroll accounting, also having unlimited access to reports regarding the work process that are left from the employees themselves. Such information can be used to avoid mistakes, miscalculations, and misunderstandings that can sink the project.

Having all that information gathered from the time tracking software will also grant the advantage to go back in time and check where the process went wrong if such thing happens, and react accordingly, in order to avoid the failure of the project.

Especially when outsourcing, time tracking the project assigned to a remote employee is a vital action. Moreover, the timely completion of a project requires an extensive share of communication and estimations when this project is assigned to an external source.

The strategy to successfully achieve the set goal is in the organization and the time management. Acting within the expected time window will increase the value of the output and services, which will result in higher profit and will more attract investors.

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