Being Busy vs. Being Effective – Which One Are You?

being busy vs being effective
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In today’s accelerated routine many people fall in a constant loop, thinking they are busy, forgetting that busy does not always mean effective. To get out of the daily routine’s web you need to at first make that difference and realize where and what are you doing wrong. Frequently, the victims of that trap lose a lot of time and energy before they realize the mistakes they’ve made. Which one are you the Busy or the Effective one?

You just can’t say “No”?

The busy people are always so… busy. They have tons of tasks and continue to load more and more stuff to the list. Then again, they end up multitasking all the time. However, this does not mean that they do it effectively. Having to divide the focus between several different tasks, always running around, pushing away everything that is not connected to work, is hardly of anyone’s best interest.

Main reasons? You still lose focus, but also productivity, performance, quality, and everything else. Simply flushing all efforts down the drain. Every single task or assignment has its own time window for completion, quality needs, and attention to detail. Whenever you continue taking more and more tasks, at one point you would’ve neglected at least 1 of these necessities.

Are you are so busy that you forgot your family and friends?

In other words, you forgot you need rest, a time off. Somewhere to recharge the batteries, so you can keep going. Work is not everything, but if you are emotionally and physically drained, you cannot even work that one out properly. The human being needs time to relax, to reflect, to live, in order to be capable and effective. Without that “me” time, you lose – energy, focus, determination. In addition – you will eventually suffer from anxiety, burnout, nervous breakdown, and so on.

Having trouble determining the importance of tasks and prioritizing them?

In order to complete each task, you need to know how to prioritize and divide all the tasks within your time limitations. Doing that you should keep in mind what we mentioned in the 1 point. If you have trouble with distributing these task in your time, it is best to use the help of anything that can improve your organizational skills. One such thing is the time tracking software.

The usage of a time tracking app can be of great aid. It elevates the performance, improves the skills and eases the management. You can learn more about all the benefits of time tracking here:

Are you easy to distract?

That is the worst combination ever, a busy person, who is easily distracted by anything. Putting aside the fact that having too much to deal with is a distraction itself, together with the inability to fix your time management, or give yourself time to rest, you are absolutely not effective. Instead of being effective, you are so busy, that you lose all the time that has been given to you, so you can complete questionable quality work.

It is time to do things different now, isn’t it?

With all these being said, it is of utmost importance for anyone who works with people, to have great time management skills, and to know that difference between busy and effective. Time makes no difference whether you are a manager, an owner, or an employee of any kind. You are either busy and lose your time and that of the others, or you are effective and use time. It is up to you.


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