What Do You Need To Know About Time Tracking?

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Nowadays, it became popular to use time tracking with screenshots when you work with remote employees like freelancers and such. Even the well-known platform UpWork uses such type of software, but with the recent fee increase, many of the freelancers and employers have left the website.

With this changes occurring many search for an alternative to the benefits of UpWork‘s time tracking software. Why? Because time tracking with screenshots equals safety and convenience for both the freelancers and their clients.

  • When you use time tracking with screenshots to record the working hours of your on-desk employees or remote teams, you effortlessly improve the management and strengthen the performance of your teams.
  • Monitor the work process and have a record of all the work that has been done. You can reduce the mistakes, resolve problems and issues when you use time tracking with screenshots.
  • You get an error free information regarding the amount of work hours of all your tracked employees, where you can approve and disapprove them with this timekeeping app.
  • With the usage of the timekeeping app, you also have all the work hours calculated into payrolls and save hours, or even days of complicated accounting.
  • Time tracking with screenshots simplifies the management of tasks and projects, especially when you work with remote teams. When you use time tracking you can have teams working for you around the globe and know what you are paying for.
  • You do not always have to be present at the office, or hover over the shoulders of your employees. With time tracking software you reduce the micromanagement and create a more friendly work environment.
  • When you use time tracking software you increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which tasks are completed, reducing time and cost, but keeping or even elevating the quality.
  • Time tracking is great for personal improvement of all organizational, managerial, technical skills. It teaches you and your employees the value of time and how to use it to the optimal benefit.
  • With the time tracking software you can forget about deadline struggles. All time estimations are more accurate and possible to keep, thus, when you track the time, you basically understand how to spend it in order for it to work for you, not the other way around.
  • With time tracking, you avoid duplication of tasks, and chances someone will work on something, someone else has already completed. Thus, there will be no precious time lost over something completely unnecessary.

There is no wonder why time tracking has always been so successfully used in the once most preferred freelance platform. It not only helps you improve the work process and increases the performance, but takes off your shoulders the bothersome and unpleasant management techniques, while letting your employees work in a healthier and organized workplace.

You cannot cause burnout to your employees if you use time tracking and correctly estimate the time for tasks. Moreover, with time tracking you reduces payment disputes and legal issues. Time tracking’s benefits are numerous and profitable for those who learn how to use them.

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  1. Thanks to time tracking I know how much time I wasted before – God, it was a huge amount! It’s a really useful idea, because I can save lots of precious minutes without any effort. Now I have much more time for my family and personal activities.

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