How to Finish a Project in Time when you are Under Pressure?

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Do you want to organize your time in the best possible way? Probably, you have the feeling you are extremely busy and time management is something you desperately need?

With the help of software time tracking with screenshots you will have in mind precisely how much of your time is invested in productive work on a specific project. Learning how long it takes you to finish a project is the easiest way to organize your everyday activities. Here we will give you some interesting ideas how to finish the assigned project when you are under pressure.

  1. Being a freelancer is more difficult than you assume. Especially, if you take care of your children while you are trying to finish some work on the project. If you try to do both activities at the same time, it is very likely to fail. The first advice that is of primary significance for being productive is to have a home office or another specific place in your home where you work. Children should not be let enter and play in that room because they will distract you.

  1. If you have decided to work on a project for 4 hours for instance, it is necessary to hire a nanny to baby-sit your children. That way you won’t feel guilty that you are not paying attention to your kids, and you will be able to work on the assigned project undistracted. If children are playing too loud and that influences on your work, you may ask the nanny to take them out for a walk or to play in the park nearby.

  1. If you are working on two or three projects at the same time, try to include each of them in your everyday schedule. For instance, start the working process from the task that requires most time and that makes you feel nervous. Once you complete this task, you can move on to those who are more pleasant to you. If you leave the most difficult project for the end of day, you will feel under pressure the whole day. As a result, you will be more short-tempered and stressed which is bothering, especially for your health.

  1. Another extremely beneficial advice when you feel stressed is the following: before you start working on a project turn on some music. The music has to be calm and relaxing. Tests have proved that classical music has very positive effect on people’s productivity.

  1. If you use time tracking with screenshots, you may find especially useful checking the screenshots at the end of the day. That way you will find out which websites distract you the most. If you waste too much time on social network platforms, you may create yourself a rule to visit your profiles just once a day.

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