Things You Do Not Learn In Business School

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When everyone graduates from business school they imagine this bright future where they pay with golden cards, have successful life and career, big house and a secure job. However, we all know the truth is you will not keep your job, just because you had excellent grades in university classes, nor your business will thrive for the same reason.

Once you are out, you will realize there are things, which are not written in the books. Like the fact not all successful business owners have finished business schools, and that work requires more dedication than the university.

Why? In university you will be excused if you are late for class with few minutes, it will not be a big problem if you rush your homework for the last hours before the deadline, nor you have to be in good relationship with all the other students in order to get a diploma.

However, real life and work knock on the door and require for you to be all that.

Punctuality is everything

Being on time is greatly appreciated. It shows your dedication to the process, your desire to do your part and to do it perfectly. Punctuality is the skill of those who are on the front lines, those who know how precious time is and use it to the optimal benefit. Understanding time is crucial for the time management. Everything circles around time and depends on it.

Punctuality helps not only in personal growth but in team management. Nevertheless, not all people are good at it. With proper team time management techniques and tools like time tracking software, you can help and improve the work of your entire team and your own skills just as much.

For manager and for employees, for leaders and for business owners, the biggest asset is time. When you use time tracking software you allow your projects and tasks to go smoothly and without stress. It helps in organizing the team, increases the productivity and elevates the performance.

Slacking, procrastinating and indecisiveness is not something you can afford. Not as a worker, or as a boss. With time and attendance tracking software you can actually organize the work process of everyone and forget deadline or performance issues.

Cooperation is power

Assisting and cooperating are primal for the better execution and productive work environment. Only those who understand the necessity of an interactive work process can shape the workflow and the work relationships to be beneficial for all. Creating a synergy between you and your coworkers or employees is actually not making this division.

People work for you, but you must learn to work with them. Appreciating the labors of others is one step closer to creating a productive workforce, healthy environment, and competitive business. Learning to work with others, if you are not the owner, is vital. Teamwork makes all team members stronger, more focused, helpful and understanding.

Responsiveness is value

Negativity never helped anyone reach their goal, same goes for neglecting the things you do or the people you work with. Being responsive is being responsible and reliable. You must learn to appreciate what you do, what you have been given and what others do for you. When the people you work with understand they can rely on you to do what you are supposed to and all of you share the same interest, then all of you can actually be productive.

Self-criticism is Improvement.

Realizing your own mistakes is just as important as giving feedback. If you wish to do better, you need to accept that there is no perfection. No one is perfect at what he/she does. When you acknowledge your own work needs improvement, then you can create valuable feedback for the work of other and yet again increase the performance and quality of both your work and that of your colleagues/employees.

Self-criticism is the only path to quality and productivity. You have to reflect on the things you do, always look for a way to make them faster, better and easier. Unless you understand the value of the time and skills you use and spend over something, you will not begin to realize how much more you can actually grow and benefit from your ideas, labor and truly be reliable and respected.

Recognition of the skills, needs, and abilities of those around you should be part of the way you reflect on what is happening at your workplace. Again, without respect and recognition, you will not be productive, nor competitive, or valuable.

Punctuality, responsiveness, cooperation, self-criticism are connected to each other and one cannot go without the others. If you are not good with time management, you are a liability, if you do not express readiness, you are a liability, if you are not easy to collaborate with, you are a liability. If you do not criticize your own work and abilities, you are expendable. The sooner you start reaching for excellence in your own time management and other qualities, the sooner you will become the one everyone wants to work with and for. After all, no one can expect people to give their best for someone who does not show his/hers best.

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