Control of the Work of Employees: Pros and Cons

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It’s not a secret for anyone that controlling the work of employees is an integral part of management. Nevertheless, there are many points of view regarding its necessity.

Let’s try to consider the advantages and disadvantages that may be faced by managers who have implemented systems of control of the work of personnel, like time tracking with screenshots.

1. The clear advantage of time tracking with screenshots is the ability to identify unscrupulous employees, as well as automatic recording of violations. This will significantly increase the level of labor discipline, as well as reduce the irresistible desire of employees to once again check personal messages on social networks.

2. The ongoing monitoring of the work of employees allows you to clearly monitor all actions to achieve the organization’s goals and to respond in a timely manner to problems and unforeseen situations that arise in the process. This measure will become, if not a guarantee, an essential step in preventing unwanted performance results. The control of the work of personnel which you can achieve with time tracking with screenshots is especially important for growing companies, which in due course acquire an increasingly branched structure.

3. Regular monitoring of the work of staff contributes to a more competent and, accordingly, effective organization of work. This way the manager can analyze the workload of each employee and compare it with the real possibilities, the time spent on fulfilling a particular assignment.

Now a little about the negative sides of personnel control:

1. It is possible to notice demotivation of personnel: people can be frightened and alarmed that now their working hours will be analyzed. Conscientious employees may perceive mistrust on the part of management, irresponsible will upset the prospects of reducing personal time. It is important to prepare in advance and explain to the team the reasons for installing time tracking with screenshots and provide complete information about this software.
2. An incorrect interpretation of the essence of the control of the work of personnel arises when the supervisor:

– begins to devote too much time to identifying minor errors in the work of personnel and to behave like a “micromanager”;
– begins to doubt the competence of their specialists and to interfere sharply in their work;
– promises to check the work of employees, but does not do it;
– does not inform the employees about the installation of the personnel control system, but reports about it if the employee showed low performance.

In these cases, employee’s discontent may arise. However, all this can be avoided by adhering to recommendations when implementing a system for monitoring staff performance.

Control of the work of the staff – a classical management function and modern technologies with competent use help in solving this problem.

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