Why Do I Need to Take into Account the Use of Working Time?

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Time tracking with screenshots, video cameras, monitoring of correspondence, recording of telephone conversations- all these are ways by which the employer can monitor employees. Naturally, not all employees are pleased with such close attention to their work activities, as many monitoring tools violate the boundaries of personal space. However, time tracking with screenshots allows the manager to receive objective and accurate information about the work activity of employees, without violating their rights.

According to a recent study almost half (46%) of respondents are concerned about possible surveillance, 14% – extremely worried about this, 51% of respondents – do not feel any concern about this issue. Loyal accounting for the use of working time is usually perceived by employees calmly.

Usually, when employing a person, he signs documents, among which there are also information on control measures that are set in the employer’s organization. In this case, according to the survey participants, there is no cause for concern, since a person is able to provide the necessary level of confidentiality. One third (27%) of respondents are absolutely calm in connection with monitoring their work activity and taking into account the use of working time.

The control function is a mandatory task for managers. However, most people get annoyed if their work is closely monitored. According to the survey, most employees dislike video surveillance (30%), 22% of respondents do not like monitoring personal correspondence. 17% of respondents are annoyed by the excessive use of working time, when the employer installs turnstiles where possible: in toilets, restrooms, smoking rooms, or use time tracking with screenshots. Hard control causes stress and reduces staff motivation.

8% of respondents said they are concerned about tracking calls from work phones and monitoring Internet traffic from a desktop PC (which happens when using time tracking with screenshots). Some employers impose a restriction on the use of certain Internet pages and at the end of the month they compare the “black list” with that collected by means of systems for recording the use of working time. However, the complete blocking of any sites leads to the fact that employees “leave” into mobile devices and the manager becomes difficult to analyze their computer activity.

However, in those companies that do not block access to some Internet resources, employees (41% of respondents) are worried that they will not be able to hide their online activity from the employer on non-work sites. They are especially worried that the boss will notice their activity on the job search sites. Time tracking with screenshots tracks any activity for the PC, whether it be sites or programs. 20% of respondents are afraid to be caught in a regular visit to social networks and another 5% are fans of online games that are also afraid to be discovered by management.

Loyal monitoring and accounting of the use of working time will help to reduce the degree of strain of employees that arises from their total control and will allow the manager to receive objective and up-to-date information about the work of subordinates.

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