Time Tracking with Screenshots Identify Loafers

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The problem of many managers whose companies do not use time tracking with screenshots is the regular violations of regulations by employees. Probably, in each office there will be employees who constantly avoid any work activity.

If we reject the bulk of the staff, which, although unstable, but demonstrates productive work, it is possible to single out a special category of people who only pretend to be doing this work, in reality, failing any tasks and demotivating their colleagues. At the same time, the level, position and professional qualities of this type of people can be the highest.

Professional “loafers” often decompose the efficiency of the company from within. If the company does not have any system for monitoring staff workloads (for example, time tracking with screenshots), it is easier for a person to disregard their work duties and do personal things: read news, play online games, view a friend-tape in social networks. This will not go unnoticed in the team, the degree of irritation and tension will increase, however, no one will inform the authorities.

Often, leaders do not know the situation and do not have the opportunity to get an objective picture of what is happening. Then they get help from the time tracking with screenshots program, it will notice problems in the work of the staff on time and inform the management about it via email-notification. In the programs of working time records, indicators such as productive, non-core and unproductive time are monitored. In addition, the system determines who, when and how often the employee is late, leaves work earlier or at all skips work. On any violations of the rules, the head will be promptly notified.

In addition, it has long been noted that when a time tracking with screenshots program is introduced in a company, this fact itself significantly increases the responsibility and discipline of employees. The presence of control forces staff to more strictly observe the regulations, monitor their workload and not allow a significant loss of time.

The manager no longer needs to rely on information, which, moreover, is not always objective; the time tracking with screenshots program allows him to keep his hand on the company’s pulse even if he has to stay away for a long time. On business trips, on vacation, when working with remote units, the work time recording program becomes an ideal tool for monitoring and analyzing the workload of employees.

It has been proved that if you introduce time tracking with screenshots program in less than six months you will find out which your most valuable employees are. Moreover, you may be surprised that some of your employees that you used to consider as most reliable are just wasting company’s money.

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