Time Tracking with Screenshots Increases Overall Productivity

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Management, prioritization, planning can often create embarrassment. The main reason most times is the bad organization skills. Such a problem can be attributed to the tendency of a person to ignore progress in activities – this is a cognitive problem, when one knows and moves forward, but sometimes does not want to check how exactly things move and whether something can be done better.

Time tracking with screenshots shows where time goes: spent on projects on websites, programs, e-mail, phone calls, etc. This shows where employees are the most and least productive. Personnel control is a good way to find out if you can support talent and encourage it in the company. Employees are happy and productive if they do what they can do better. And this obvious fact, unfortunately, is often ignored.

Happy, productive employees will contribute to overall moral well-being. Time tracking with screenshots leads to an increase in productivity at a deeper level, which helps to create a team of enthusiasts, people who know what they want to achieve and could be extremely promising for the outside world.

Now that you are convinced of the need to keep track of employees’ working hours, you are probably interested in knowing how to organize it correctly.

Method 1 – Accounting of working hours with the task manager

Many people know about this method. After all, using the Task Manager allows you quickly and without any problems:

  • Distribute tasks between subordinates.

  • Manage various projects.

  • Always be aware of which task or project the employee is working on.

  • Plan things for a day / week / month.

So we can say that with the task manager, the accounting of working hours becomes unambiguously much easier to perform. After all, it’s enough to glance at a special calendar to see who is doing what and what.

Method 2 – SCREENish Time Tracker

Using this program generally eliminates all the problems associated with accounting. After all, SCREENish Time Tracker:

  • Gather information;

  • Makes all the necessary calculations of time;

  • Controls offline activity;

  • Makes screenshots;

  • Generates reports, etc;

That is, it completely independently performs the entire accounting of working hours. You do not even need employees to work in the office – remote personnel with the SCREENish program are also under control.

Method 3 Use Both Methods

The combination of both of the above methods will provide the most accurate and reliable information about the actions of your employees. Therefore, the management will be very easy to make any decisions on the management of the company.

How does SCREENish Time tracking with screenshots work?

The program runs in the background of the computer and collects statistics about the user’s actions: the start and end time, hours worked, used sites and applications. Based on the received data, it forms reports on the work of personnel.

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