Useful Program: Accounting of Employees’ Working Hours Online

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Surely you’ve heard that keeping records of employees’ time can be kept online and that it is not only convenient, but also profitable. It remains a matter of small – to choose the tool with which it can be done. Well, you keep the right course, because in this article you will get acquainted with one of the online programs for working hours – SCREENish Time Tracking with Screenshots.

What can you learn with SCREENish Time Tracker?

1. When employees start work and finish it

The key phrase here is “Get to work.” The advantage of the program is that it does not just record when the employee came in, but when he started working. It’s not enough just to turn on the computer. If there is no active action behind it, the program will not take into account this time.

2. Do employees work out the norm?

Fixing the start and end time, SCREENish Time Tracker automatically displays the total amount of time worked in a separate report.

3. Efficiency of using working time

The program presents you a list of sites visited by the employee during working hours. You can check whether he visits entertainment sites and social networks (if they are not needed for work) and how much time he spends on each particular website.

4. The picture of the work of employees online

You have the opportunity to find out what the personnel is doing in real time. You have a list of employees, working at the computer at the moment and what exactly they are doing.

However, some employers still ask the question do they really need time tracking with screenshots. After all, even without constant observation and fixation of time, work continues. Employees sit on their desks; get engaged in tasks, and in the evening they go home.

Those employers have to ask the question is the time spent in front the PC is really effective? Without time tracking with screenshots, the manager has no information about what is happening in all workplaces, how the employees spend time and whether the day passes productively.

Why do you need timekeeping for working hours?

Lack of time control means constant delays, delays and escapes of employees, procrastination, low productivity, violations and errors in the tasks and processes themselves. The company remains, at best, in one place and can not go forward, achieving its goals. Therefore time tracking with screenshots is needed for every company.

But for its successful conduct it is still necessary to choose a method that would make the process fast, accurate, convenient and effective. Often for this purpose use a video camera that can only show that the employee is in place, but not in any way what he does. For office staff, this is not an effective tool. Also often are journals or checklists, in which the staff personally record the time of arrival and departure. But they can intentionally introduce inaccurate information, which will already affect the quality of information. There are also control programs and they are the most accurate. One such program is SCREENish which is the perfect tool for monitoring your employees.

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