Benefits of Employee Desktop Monitoring with SCREENish Time Tracker

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Often, managers need to control the desktop of employees. Time tracking with screenshots with SCREENish offers its users this feature.

What gives the control of the desktop of employees?

1. The solution of disputable situations.

If you have doubts about using entertainment resources for the purpose of work, time tracking with screenshots will always help to dispel them. For example, the specific of the HR department’s work requires visiting social networks. The control of the desktop will help you to be sure of the target use of the site.

2. Control of remote employees and freelancers.

For an employer cooperating with freelancers or having remote staff in the state, the issue of control is particularly sensitive.

3. Security

Time tracking with screenshots of employees will help you to keep track of illegal actions, if any, in time. For example, this can be making copies of working documents on a personal external disk or correspondence with competitors.

How to Organize Employee Desktop Monitoring with SCREENish Time Tracker?

To organize the control of the employee desktop in SCREENish Time Tracker, open the settings and enable the option of taking screenshots.

You can independently choose how often the screenshots of the employee’s computer will be captured. In addition, these settings can be individualized for each department or even employee.

If you want, you can download screenshots to your computer, and also delete those that were made after-hours and contain personal information of employees.

All in all, the control of the employee’s desktop is applied in the case of the presence of employees of remote units, to resolve issues related to the information security policy of the company and the issues of misuse of information resources.

SCREENish Time Tracker is software that, in addition to the main function of time tracking, offers employee desktop monitoring. It is implemented by removing screenshots of the employee’s computer screen, which serve as convincing evidence of possible violations in the workplace.

Accounting for working hours promotes transparency and equality

The relationship of managers to employees is usually different, and seeing this staff feels disappointed. Many employees feel less support and objectivity, especially when the employer has not introduced time tracking with screenshots in the process of work. This means that employees think that it is pointless to try to work better, because no one will notice.

Accounting for working time serves as a real incentive for productivity, since employees have goals aimed at providing better results. They can take this as an opportunity for career growth, show their real abilities and prove that they have been underestimated and that much can be expected from them. In any case, these new relationships have a positive effect on personal and team productivity.

Accounting Increases Confidence and Security

Time tracking with screenshots is important in the section of various activity schedules. Most managers know that some tasks (especially those that require little creativity and critical thinking) can often be made faster at home. They do not want to lose a talented employee, if he can not work full-time in the office for a number of reasons. Given the time, you can objectively assess the productivity of freelancers and employees with flexible schedules.

Now you can be sure that their hours of operation are accurately recorded, even if they worked overtime. This is a strong incentive to work in a company that does not create problems in terms of working hours and payroll just because employees are not in the office.

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