13 Time Management Rules That Will Change Your Life

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No matter whether you are working on 1 or 5 projects at the same time, you always have the feeling you are a way too busy. You are nervous you will miss the deadlines and for sure you have no time for rest! But can this be confusion? How could you succeed finishing all the work without sacrificing a minute more from your time? Here we will teach you some simple time management techniques that will influence your life. Some of them are probably familiar to you but now you have to pay more attention on them, if you really want to improve your way of life.

1. There is always enough time in the day, the question is only in the priorities.
Many people want to spend their day on one thing, but as a result they do something completely different. For instance, if you want to work 5-6 hours this day on the project, first you have to install
time tracking with screenshots software. This is the most accurate way to know really how much time you have spent on working during the day. The second this you should do, is forget about those websites that are “eating” your time. When you are working, don’t check your social media account and don’t visit online shops. Without noticing you can lose 2-3 hours.

2. Work a lot when you are in the flow, and relax when you are not in it.

3. Appreciate your time and make it really valuable. When you know how much you earn per hour, you won’t let yourself spending an hour or two checking photos of your friends. But how to find out how much money you make per hour – if you are using
time tracking with screenshots, you can see how many hours you have worked on the project. When you know what the payment for the project is, you can easily calculate how much your hour costs.

4. Enough of multitasking. It just kills your concentration.
You can not be multitasking, so do not even try.

5. We are always more concentrated and productive in a time-limited environment.
Agree, we know this from the student days, but we rarely use the deadline deliberately.

6. To work longer does not mean to work better. Use restrictions as an opportunity to make the right decision. Constraints make us think about choosing what really needs to be done.

7. Divide routine and strategic tasks to become more productive.

8. Combine meetings and communications (mail, calls) into blocks to allocate time for continuous work. Calls with your employer and clients are something you should also track when using time tracking with screenshots. Many people forget about them when tracking their time.

9. Try to keep the context throughout the day. Switching between the context (projects, clients, etc.) leads to a decrease in productivity.

10. Fight with procrastination. Procrastinate between periods of intense work.
11. Break up a lot of work into simple tasks.
12. No two tasks are equally important – always prioritize. Be careful with your to-do lists. Keep them clear, understandable and intuitive.
13. Divide the tasks into small ones, up to several hours.
It’s hard to force yourself to start long tasks. You feel as if all this should be done at once.

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