Self-Education and Time Tracking: Why Should They Go Hand in Hand?

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Every business owner faces the need to progress in terms of self-education. The expression “knowledge is power” fully corresponds to reality in conditions when new information on more productive ways of interaction, communication and management appears daily. How not to wallow in its abundance, competently allocate its time and strength?

In order not to be torn between business management and the desire for self-development, one must seriously approach the issue of time management. Here, modern time tracking with screenshots software come to the aid. The main task of time tracking with screenshots is to reduce time costs in office work.

1. Delegation of authority to responsible employees.

You have taken on too many responsibilities and your schedule is “bursting at the seams”. Where else can you take the time to look for and learn new information? This option, like tracking the work schedule, will allow you to create a new action plan with SCREENish TimeTracker. It will demonstrate how the office relates to its duties, which member of your team comes and leaves early, and who has delays in the execution of project plans.

Having identified a competent employee who copes with tasks faster than others, who have a lot of free time; you can transfer some of the simple tasks to him. So you “free your hands” to learn new trends in your field.

2. Tracking the loss of time.

SCREENish is a great way to track un-spending time in your schedule. For example, you will be surprised at how much effort and time it takes to take minor actions: surfing the Internet in search of fresh entertainment news and social networking. The extensive functionality of the time tracking with screenshots allows you to classify web resources and programs that you use to gradient them by productivity. Look at the result in just a day, and you will realize that saving time for self-education is much easier than it seemed.

3. Full-time control.

Sometimes, in order to find the time, it’s enough to look at your real working schedule from the outside. The word “real” is the “key”here. How often do you feel that you are busy with important things, but in fact you spend time in isolation from the work process? SCRENish tracks the activities that you are doing outside the workplace. It sounds fantastic, but it’s easy. The time tracker records the period of “idle time” of the computer and requires then to comment on the reason for the absence. For each post and each lesson, a level of productivity is assigned.

To sum up

SCREENish TimeTracker, this is your personal assistant in terms of self-education. Using its functionality, you can not waste energy, nerves and time searching for a free “window” in your busy schedule.

SCREENish will provide you with all the necessary information by analyzing and presenting it in the form of visually accessible reports to your portable gadget, in your personal account on the site or on e-mail.

You can delegate some of your affairs, and some of it will disappear as soon as you learn about the level of their productivity.

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