Best Time Tracking with Screenshots Software

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1. SCREENish is highly innovative and easy to use time tracking with screenshots software.

You can use it to track particular distant employee by checking his activity levels, screenshots and time he has spent on particular website. Depending on the level of trust you have with your employee, you may turn of the option of making screenshots, and can allow him to manually record time. With SCREENish you are not just having a list of screenshots and websites, visited from your distant employee, but you can benefit from much more information! It also keep record exactly how time is spent on each program. SCREENish keeps a record of all visited websites while recording time, as long as the time spent at every particular website.

Basically, you can use SCREENish as software on your desktop or as a mobile app.

The desktop apps track the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes your employees make.

2. Toggl, like all decent time tracking with screenshots software, it maintains a kind of user activity log and is able to compile reports with the selection of tasks according to specified criteria. This is not the most functional, not the most convenient and not the most pleasant means of recording working hours, but it has a reasonable minimum of possibilities and provides them for free.

Toggl itself is a web service, but it comes with an optional application for all popular platforms. The web service is responsible for accounting, reporting and configuration. The application simplifies the creation of new tasks, as well as the start and stop of timers. In addition, it adds several features that can not be implemented on the web. In particular, it notices when the user has been idle for too long, and suggests stopping the timer.

For each of the tasks, you can specify the customer and the project (however, if it is not necessary, you can and do not specify). This can be used to generate reports. Web service allows you to filter records by date, customer and project.

3. Simplicity of creating new tasks makes Toggl look like a scheduler on the contrary: you can run a separate timer for each step and get as a result the most detailed records about the work done. But this similarity was hardly intentional. With the Norwegian web service Timely everything is different: its authors deliberately made a hybrid of the electronic calendar and time tracking with screenshots. “Instead of asking what you did this week, I ask what you plan to do this week,” explains Timely’s creator, Matthias Mikkelsen, on the company’s website. It is assumed that the user will first plan the tasks, and then monitor their implementation.

The basis of Timely is a full-featured web calendar in the spirit of Google Calendar, and very good. The amazing smoothness of the work, rare for web applications, is also a plus for it. Timely could very well replace Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook for many users. However, those who are accustomed to another calendar and do not need a new one, there is a chance to do without painful migration. Timely is able to automatically download events from any calendar that supports the iCal format (and it is supported more or less all). In this case, scheduling can be continued in another application, and Timely can only be used to account for time.

The ability to work with multiple users is an important feature of Timely. This service may well be a convenient tool for the manager managing the whole team, especially if some of the project participants work remotely. With the help of Timely it is easy to find out who is doing what right now and what time and money it takes. Another of the opportunities aimed specifically at this application is the so-called “budget”. For each project, you can specify the maximum execution time or the maximum amount that can be spent on the hourly payment of employees. Timely will follow the exhaustion of the “budget” and warn about approaching the finish line.

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