How to Find Out Which of Your Employees Works, and Who Plays Games

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80% of US companies use time-tracking applications or time tracking with screenshots. In the tough world of capitalism, where time is money and there is nothing personal, the employer does not want to pay for the defect, and the employee scrupulously counts each dollar he is assigned.

How it works?

The automatic timekeeping system is a computer program for managing human capital and increasing productivity.

The time tracking with screenshots software is installed on the computer and automatically collects information about which programs and sites the computer owner used. The time of work in each application or on the site is considered by clicking on the keys and mouse clicks.

The time tracking with screenshots software is installed most often in two cases

1. It is necessary to find out what the working time takes

Most of the owners of companies only in general terms know what their employees are doing. In fact, an employee does a dozen different tasks every day, and there can be several different reasons for the failure of terms. When management thinks that the project has failed due to lack of or illiterate time allocation, someone is being instructed to find a program for time accounting.

2. It is necessary to understand the structure of the business process and determine the amount of contribution of each team member to the project cost

If more than one team member is working on the same task, it is important to understand who is doing more – not just for fair pay, but for understanding the level of qualifications. SCREENish time tracking with screenshots software will show that two employees with similar tasks can go to their closure a different amount of time.

Despite the different goals, changes in the company that automated the recording of working hours should start from the first day.

The first month: we find out who does not work in the company.

At the beginning 100% of managers are passionate about the idea of ​​control. Every minute a lot of new information about the work of the distant employees comes.

It is possible to find that some of your employees had played “balls” for 5-6 hours a day. Some companies using time tracking with screenshots in the office discover, there was a full-fledged online cinema (films were watched by entire departments). The average amount of time that employees spend on work is wasted, ranging from 15% to 30%.

The list of distractions is typical: first place in 90% of cases is occupied by Twitter and Facebook, on the second – online stores and news.

There is really nothing to study and analyze here.

In a couple of months: mastering the process control tool

When the craving for control is weakened (this happens in a month), companies are thinking about what to do with this data.

There will be no need to constantly distract distant employees with questions about what they are currently engaged in. Now all information is available online around the clock.

A clear understanding of who worked for how long increases the degree of employee satisfaction with wages and reduces the risk of penalties that have become a scourge of large companies.

In a year: we know exactly what to spend time on, to get more profit.

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