Using Time Tracking Software – More Important for Your Business than You Expect

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Installing time tracking with screenshots for a short time is useless. A profound analysis of the value of different processes for the final cost of the product is possible only if a large amount of data is used.

Only after its use for more than one year, comparing the indicators, you can get quite comprehensive information about the work of the business:

  • To understand the seasonality in the productivity of work;

  • To determine the reserves of time and people;

  • To find out the cost of work for each project and for each stage of the project;

  • Detailed calculation of the contribution of each employee to the key processes of the company’s business model;

  • Know which process is the most important for achieving the result, and devote the maximum time to it;

  • To abandon the senseless waste of time on social networks and YouTube;

  • Increase the level of customer confidence in your team through more accurate reports on the resources spent on the work.

In 2016 the demand for automatic accounting of working hours grew by 20-25%. In the conditions of low oil prices, with a decrease in the revenue stream, companies had to optimize the workflow with all their might. And we are not talking about staff reductions.

More and more companies are transferring employees to remote work. The transition to such a model without time tracking with screenshots is not possible. 70% of U.S. employers would happily transfer their employees to remote work to save on office rent, but they doubt whether remote employees will work as productively as in the office.

Moreover, the general decision of the employee and employer to use the time tracking with screenshots system will increase the level of mutual trust and help avoid stress and stress.

In 30 years, the concept of “workplace” will disappear forever. The array of cloud technologies at the junction of IT and HR will make any non-productive work “remote” (although this concept will also disappear). A digital enterprise of the future is not a point on the map or a room in the business center.

Within the framework of this transformation, the main task will be not the execution of routine functions manually, but the creation and modification of automatically executed processes. This process will grow with greater speed, primarily in the service and service sector.

When using time tracking with screenshots system, all employees should know about this. Of course, the introduction of such systems does not always go smoothly. Employees can be conditionally divided into two groups. Some are extremely strained by monitoring their PCs, others perceive this fact indifferently – “I’m working, what bad can the system show?.

I think the effectiveness of working time control can be shown only by the example. This is a real example, given by employer who uses SCREENish as time tracking software. One of the sailors in the company spent up to 3 hours of work a day playing World of Tanks. With the employee the employer had a conversation, and the situation improved. When conversations do not help, it remains for him to look for another job. After all, this attitude towards work responsibilities harms the productivity in general and the relations in the team. Of course, online games are not the only problem, and besides this there are enough time killers: social networks, entertainment resources, chat rooms and forums. You can say that a person does not have enough interesting tasks and therefore he spends time on extraneous matters. But let’s be honest, there are people who do this consciously, with the thought “no one will know”. “

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