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The Internet makes it possible not to tie oneself to a local computer, but to use online services for almost any tasks that we habitually perform on a local home computer.

Look, here’s a free gentlemen’s online kit that allows you not to think about data security or the inability to perform a task if there is not a home computer or your laptop nearby:
– Storage of access passwords and protected notes – LastPass
– Storing bookmarks browser – XMarks
– Mail – GMAil
– Storage of the most important files – DropBox
Time Tracking with Screenshots accounting for personal working hours – SCREENish

I will tell you more about the last service.
Become SCREENish user, I made the last case, which can be called typical. On the last working day of the year, the chief phoned and began to make claims about the fact that a certain task was not performed within the time set by him. The fact that in the course of this task, he called and threw in other things, he does not take into account. He does not take into account, either, that any task set by him requires elaboration, deliberation, discussion with colleagues, search of information on the network, in short, it takes time, sometimes, very considerable and lengthy.

In front of me was the problem of accurately accounting for the time spent on a particular project, as well as long telephone conversations, reception of visitors, mail analysis, and consultations with clients. And yet, as a living person, not a robot on liquid crystals, I need time for tea, smoke, bringing my emotions back to normal after talking to customers, or the same boss.

Time tracking with screenshots which would have marked the time spent on this or that business on a semi-automatic machine was not as much in the network as expected. I did not take an hour to find the right resource. I quickly eliminated large paid projects for accounting time in the office, which read the time from the computer of the employee, take screenshots and photograph the user with a web camera.

The ideal option for me was a well-known
time tracking with screenshots service for the recording of working time (for accounting of any time), whose name I have long ago heard – SCREENish. Here everything is simple and understandable. For a free user, one project and an infinite number of tasks in this project are provided.

For tasks that run periodically, the current time is added. All these facts, having such a report before my eyes, can be announced to the superior and get his favor, not anger, for an unfulfilled task in time.
SCREENish time tracking with screenshots has automated timesheets for projects, automated payrolls, weekly limits, and pay rates.

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