How to Achieve Better Performance in Accounting

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It is traditionally believed that the central computer that the accountant gives metaphorically is this timely reporting, properly calculated and paid taxes and no claims from the tax authorities.

But tied premiums only to him – it is unrealistic, because the premiums can then be paid only once a year. And the most negative – you can not control the employee only once a year, especially if he can still quit and a new one will come to his place. And as a second important consequence – how to optimize, improve and simplify their work in the end?

The main problem with accounting is that it is difficult to understand what they are doing, and then to determine what exactly time is spent on. Because even the buoys themselves can not unequivocally say to which organization it takes time.

Knowing how long it takes the input of the primary, you can make a decision, hire an assistant on this site or not. Knowing how much time is spent on each organization or on certain areas of work of the accounting department, you can plan the workload for each accountant.

Without knowing such data, it is difficult to make a decision – whether to expand the accounting department or not, idle my current employees or not. So, I will share the solution that I used.

A simple poll.
Firstly, I simply interviewed our ladies, what exactly they are doing, and how much time each operation takes. Further, I made a simple mathematical calculation. But then immediately there were comments that besides these typical operations (which were remembered “from memory”), there are a lot of small and urgent cases that are not taken into account, which also take up working time. And because of which, in the main, there are all kinds of troubles.

An observer with a timer.
Secondly, it would be possible to stand over the soul with a timer and see for yourself how long it will take. But I refused this idea, because I am angry when someone stands over the person, and also it is necessary to take into account the time factor – at different times the load is different, there are quiet months, and there are emergency months when it is necessary to pass an annual report, for example . And all the year you will not stand over your soul.

Time tracking with screenshots software.
Thirdly, I liked the option to transfer the experience from work with programmers – they all use
time tracking with screenshots programs, and take into account the time spent for each task. That is, each task has a planned and actual time, and to this is tied the payment of their labor.

As a result, I decided to try and make accountants use a
time tracking with screenshots program. I explained them the benefits of using time tracking with screenshots. If they wanted to receive bonuses every month, this would be a problem as I was not an accountant, and I can not estimate the amount of their work. And that means I can not give them a premium. But if my employees used time tracking software, I would have the necessary data. Then I would be able to see the foremost producers and would be able to easily make decisions on premiums.

And also I would have statistics: over approximately the same volume, I expect them would work plus-minus equally. And if there are strong differences, then some measures would be taken.


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