Essential Reasons Why You Should Use Time Tracking with Screenshots

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When several distant employees are working on different projects, it is difficult for managers and employers to fully control the process of work of each individual employee. The basic reason why you need to introduce time tracking with screenshots in your business is because of the easier monitoring of the employees. You will know how many of your employees are working on their projects right now. Also, you can see how much time every employee has worked during the day. A lot of phone calls can be replaced by accurate accountability of time, helping the businesses and employees to grow simultaneously.

This is the most important reason why time tracking with screenshots has become essential part of every growing business. When the employer is well aware how the distant employee is interacting with work related tasks, he is able to allocate the resources accordingly and bill the clients accurately.

Let’s talk about some of the positive aspects of using time tracking with screenshots.

First of all, great per cent of employees are more careful what websites they visit when they track their time. In this awareness lies the key to increased productivity. When they know that employer can see how they waste their time, they don’t visit those websites. Of courses, everyone needs a rest from work from time to time. It is normal to go to take a cup of coffee or visit your social media account. Everyone would understand the needs of a person who works constantly on his computer to take a small break from work. Being nonstop in front of the PC is really tiring! However, the employer should not pay the employee for his breaks. Sometimes a person loses track of time and can spend hours chatting or checking friend’s photos.

When the distant employee avoids visiting the websites that take great part of his time, he uses this time to work. That way he finished the work on the project earlier and can spend the rest of the day out with friends.

It is good to use time tracking with screenshots. Standing in front of the PC can influence your health. You can have a headache and pains in the back. Also, after being on the computer for more than 6 hours, you feel literally exhausted. The feeling is like you have been working some very laborious job. What is more, there is no need to have spent those hours in working. For that reason, when you use time tracking with screenshots, you will reduce the amount of time you stay at home in front of the PC. You will feel less stressed and not so tired at the end of the day. We won’t exaggerate if we say that time tracking with screenshots is beneficial for your health! You can make some very important conclusions how to spend your time! If you want to make more money, you will be surprised that when you avoid visiting the distraction websites, you will have twice more time for work. That would undoubtedly influence on your budget! On the other hand, it would be easy to enjoy the pleasant weather outside, when you are not distracted during the process of work.

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