How Sitting In Front Of the PC Influences Your Health

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Continuous work in front of a computer requires tense thinking, looking at the monitor and sitting in a specific position, all for a long time. Standing in front of a computer requires the focusing of the monitor, which is at a static distance. The problem comes from the fact that one’s natural behavior is to look at a variety of objects at any distance, which, in turn, keeps the motor muscles of the eyes. On the other hand, there is another problem that in order to move our eyes more often, we need to be distracted by programming. It is advisable and even obligatory for freelancers on every one and a half hours to take a break from the computer for fifteen minutes.

Did you know that muscle and joint injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back and neck pain, and other occupational distortions, are accounted for as much as 60% of compensation for employees’ harmful add-ons? Did you know that incorrect posture is a major cause of professional distortion among nineteen million people by the working population of America? Research shows that between 1/5 and 1/4 of computer users have an incorrect posture. The consequences of symptoms such as tired hands, tingling of the fingers, pains where not, and so on.

What you have to do to take best care for your health is spend less time in front of the PC. It sounds difficult, especially for freelancers whose work is entirely on the computer. It is interesting that time tracking with screenshots can really make you more effective. If you use time tracking software, you will learn how to avoid the websites that are wasting your time. Probably, at first you will feel nervous, knowing that your employer can track all your activities online. However, although you are feeling under pressure, this will result in your productivity. If you know that the employer will see you are spending an hour and a half on Facebook or Twitter, you will stop visiting these websites. You can create a rule, to check your social media accounts only after you have finished working on the project.

Another beneficial advice for you is to spend not more than 10 minutes a day on the social media websites. You can read your messages, check something interesting for you and that’s all. Keep in mind that you can spend your time in more pleasant ways than being online.

You can use time tracking with screenshots as a motive to focus on the assigned project. When you know you must not get distracted by online shops or social media sites, you will finish working for the day at least 2 hours earlier than expected. You can use these 2 hours to finish more work, or to start working on second project, or you can use this time to take a rest. Do you remember the consequences of staying in front of the PC for too long, we mentioned in the beginning of the article? This is not the full list of negative consequences. We have to add constant headaches, stress and exhaustion.

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