Take a Close Look at the Process of Work of Your Distant Employees

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Do you really want to know which the most trustworthy employees of your team are? I am pretty sure you do! Keeping an eye on the process of work is essential when you have to meet deadlines and you have assigned the project to a new employee. You don’t want to ruin your reputation because your distant employee has not finished the project on time! You need to be informed about the progress of the project. If you don’t know how fast your new employee works, you will feel frustrated all the time.

The best option for you is to use time tracking with screenshots to organize the work of all your distant employees. Time tracking with screenshots is software that has benefits for both sides – employer and employee. The employer has the opportunity to check how much time the employee has been working on the project. Moreover, he can check the screenshots to learn more about the process of work. At the same time, the employee has the freedom to perform his tasks without being interrupted by the employer phone calls. When done the right way, time tracking with screenshots makes assigned projects run faster.

Nowadays, the most progressive firms and businesses rely entirely on time tracking with screenshots. Online time and attendance tracking comes with many benefits and we will mention some of them.

  1. Easier management of different projects and employees

When you are running a small business with 10-20 distant employees and you are the only person who monitors all the work, you will find out the benefits how time tracking software.

  1. Improved Payroll Process

Time tracking with screenshots generates or creates timesheets, just like any other time tracking method, which the payroll department can use to prepare payroll. The timesheets are really accurate and therefore helpful because they ensure that all employees receive accurate pay for all finished projects, on time, and without any errors. However, be careful because some employees may try to cheat the software by installing automouse clicker. When it comes to deceiving the software some employees can be quite creative.

  1. Improved Productivity

When the employee knows he is being monitored, he pays more attention what websites he visits. The employer can check the records what websites the employer has visited while he was tracking his time. Something more, the employer can see how much time the employee spends on each website. If the employer sees the employer is spending much time on Facebook or Twitter, instead of working, he has the right not to approve that time and not to pay for it.

Basically, there is positive effect of using time tracking with screenshots on the work of your employees. They become more responsible and definitely more focused on the process of work. In rare cases the employees feel under too much pressure and cannot perform his best. You have to explain this employee that time tracking software is good for him as well.

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