Basic Rules Every Freelance Article Writer Has to Know

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First, if you want to be a better writer, you have to become more passionate reader. The number of books you read definitely will influence the way you write. You will learn new interesting facts and ways to express yourself. Reading is also great for imagination! You will be probably surprised that most people around the world don’t read even one book per year. A recent research has shown that people don’t remember the name of the last book they have read. It was really long ago. Nowadays, people don’t invest money on books and it is a pity! If you don’t love reading, don’t waste your time and efforts to become a freelance article writer! If you think that is an easy job and everyone can do it – well, you are wrong!

Second, when you are applying for a project, it is good to have well-written resume and portfolio with samples of your work. Having your own website where to demonstrate the way you write is a great plus. In fact, freelancers with their own websites are better paid than freelance article writers with no websites. The website will present yourself to your potential client. It will reveal not only how skillful writer you are but in what topic you feel more comfortable writing.

Third, install time tracking with screenshots software. Most of the best time tracking software, like SCREENish, has free trial period to see whether you like working with the software. SCREENish is really easy to use time tracking with screenshots software that you must try! You will be surprised how effortless you will manage your projects and work with different clients. When you are logging, you have to select the employer and the project, click the button below and you are ready! You are tracking your time. Every dedicated freelance article writer is using time tracking with screenshots. That way the writer understands how much time he invests in writing just 1 article. Having this information is essential for determining how much to charge the client per hour of work. Although writing is a creative job, some clients prefer paying per hour, instead of having fixed price for the budget. If you don’t use time tracking software, you will never know how many hours you have been working on the assigned project. In fact, paying per hour is better for you because when you are given the topic for the article, you need to make a research before starting the writing process. If you are paid per article, it doesn’t matter whether you have spent 30 minutes or 5 hours till you get the job done. It is really great to receive adequate payment for your work. Spending more time in writing each article will definitely influence the quality of the final product.

All in all, if you pay attention on these three major factors, for sure you will become more skillful and better paid freelance article writer.

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