What the Law Says about Time Tracking with Screenshots?

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Many of us are still not used to using time tracking with screenshots and it is understandable why we have some worries. The major concern of employees who are using time tracking with screenshots for the first time is its legality. People are worried that the employer will find out too personal information about them – what websites they visit, what information they look for in the search engines, how much time they spent on different website. You should not worry about it because the employer won’t understand any of this unless you are visiting these websites when you are supposed to be working.

The most important thing you have to remember is that time tracking with screenshots is legal. You can use this software for tracking the time, spent working on different projects for different employers. Time tracking is a way to monitor only the working process. It won’t invade your personal life. Your employer won’t have access to the information about the content of your personal emails or massages.

If you are employer who is going to introduce time tracking as a new way of work in his business, you need to check what the regulations in your country say about time tracking. There are different laws in US, Canada and Europe which are connected to time tracking. For instance, in US you have to check the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, in Canada – pay attention on Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and in Europe – read European Convention on Human Rights and Data Protection Directive.

The next thing you have to do is explain your employees how to use time tracking with screenshots and what are the benefits of installing this software. Keep in mind every member from your team of distant employees knows about the idea of tracking their time. The most effective way to implement time tracking with screenshots is by letting your employees know beforehand and creating an appropriate company policy. Make a short list of what time tracking will be about. You can make a presentation for your employees for better understanding the idea of time tracking. Simple actions and reasonable rules will help everyone be more productive.

Every freelancer who is using time tracking software can explain its benefits. Time tracking is especially helpful for people working on several projects at the same time for different employers. They can keep track of the progress of work on the project. The employer also sees that information and there is no need to send emails every day to explain the employer that you are working on his project. Moreover, he won’t call you back to ask you some information or statistics he has to present to the client. With SCREENish employer can give access to the client to the specific project, so the client will be informed about the progress of work as well. More accurate payments is another benefit of using tracking software.

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