Time Tracking – How to Have More Time Every Day

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Have you ever been on a diet? If you have, you probably know that you have to track your calories and pay attention on what you eat. You were probably surprised how many extra calories you are taking every day. When you are suffering from lack of time, you need to track what are the activities that literally “eat” your time. In this article you will find out why time tracking with screenshots is so powerful tool for finishing more work in less time!

If you are charging at an hourly rate, then you are well familiar with time tracking software. The use of time tracking with screenshots is a necessity for freelancers and distant employees who work from their home offices. Time tracking with screenshots is an excellent way to prove you are a trustworthy and skilful employee who is dedicated to his work. When the employer is checking the screenshots, he will find out you are spending every second working on the project.

You can use time tracking to track all your activities and learn interesting insights. When you check the results at the end of the day, you can sum up the total time you have wasted on sites, like Facebook or Twitter. During the day you may not even notice how much time you have spent on those websites. If you have logged in your account 4 times a day (and let’s confess, most people log in about 10 times a day), and every time you have spent about 15 minutes, that means you are losing about an hour every day on your Facebook account. If you are like most people, who visit their Facebook accounts 10 times a day, then you are wasting 2-3 hours every day! When you think over that information, you will think twice before checking your Facebook account next time.

You can make a small test and track all your activities for, let’s say, 2 weeks. A day after day you will see you are more productive. You will finish the assigned project earlier and you will have more time to go out for a walk, for instance. Try spending less time on social network sites and less time in front of your PC. That way you will protect your eyes and you will feel less stressed at the end of the day.

However, keep in mind that many people are productive even on Facebook. You may well need to spend time on social media on behalf of your clients, or on your own social media marketing. Distinguish that time from the time you have spent on checking the photos of your classmate, who you haven’t seen from 20 years!

All in all, it can be a real shock for you to find out that you are not spending 8 hours a day, working on the assigned projects. You will surprisingly discover you are working just 4 hours a day, and the other 4 hours you are wasting online. If you are going to stay so much time in front of the PC, at least use protective glasses to protect your eyes.

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