Time Tracking Difficulties – Problems, Associated with Time Tracking

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If you have used time tracking with screenshots for yourself or for your team, you have come across some problematic sides which we are going to discuss in this article. However, we cannot deny that time tracking with screenshots is especially useful tool for monitoring the work of several employees, working on the assigned projects. Time tracking software gives you the amazing opportunity to organize your projects easily and to make accurate payments to your distant employees.

One of the major disadvantages of time tracking is that the actual tracked time is not allocated to a specific block of time. For instance, if an employee is working on your project for 2 hours (let’s say between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.), it has to be impossible to allocate another 2 hour block of time to this time period. It’s curious to find out that many freelancers divide themselves into 2 people and work on 2 separate things at the same time. It is a common problem, but if you use SCREENish, you don’t have to worry about it. You can stay calm that your employees won’t use that false practice because if they want to start working on another project, they have to stop the time tracking on your project. They have to select the other employer and the other project, and when they start tracking the time on the other project. There is no way to track the same block of time and include it as time, worked on both projects.

The second major problem about time tracking with screenshots is that people, who are not used to working with tracking software, often forget to track their time. They may have been working 2 or 3 hours on the project, and then to come across in their mind, they haven’t logged in the tracking software. At the end of the day, they try to fill the information accurately but that is impossible because actually they are unaware how much time they have worked on the assigned project.

The third huge problem about tracking software is that you don’t have clear idea what the employee is working on. Of course, you can check the screenshots and see whether he is really working on your project. However, the screenshots are made on every 10 minutes so you have no information what the employee is doing in the rest 9 minutes.

Keep in mind that “spying” your employees with time tracking with screenshots is not your goal! Of course, you will be more informed about the process of work and that’s what you need. You have information like how many of your employees are working right now on their projects, what is the progress of the project, etc. If you want to be informed about every minute of the tracked time of your employees, that sounds ridiculous! If you are going to check all screenshots of every employee every day, that is just a waste of time!

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