Best Tips How to Hire Remote Employees

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When you have not met your employee and maintain the business relationship only through emails, it is extremely difficult to get to know the person. It takes much more time to build mutual trust in this employer-employee relationship. Moreover, finding the right person takes time because you cannot make the right evaluation of the person from distance. However, time tracking with screenshots software makes the whole process of finding and working with distant employees less complicated.

First of all, it is good to start with assigning the new freelancers with small projects. Set them a specific deadline, give them the necessary directions and observe the process of work. You will need to use time tracking with screenshots more frequently when you are working with this person for the first time. Minimum once a day you have to check screenshots, made through the day. If you find that the employee is tumbling in the dark and has no idea how to handle the assigned project, call him immediately and try to understand the reason for the problem. After making the phone call, again check the screenshots to see whether this conversation has helped him solve the problem. When you have assigned the freelancer for the first time with this project, he must meet the given deadline. If freelancer has accomplished the task he is hired for, but the whole process acquired too many phone calls and instructions, you should pay the employee for the project and dismiss him. Your time is money and you cannot afford wasting it to give instructions.

Second of all, when you are hiring a remote employee, you have to inform him about your requirements. He has to know that if he is going to be a part of your remote team, he has to use time tracking with screenshots. If he has not used this software before, you need to explain him how time tracking with screenshots will help both of you in the process of work.

Third of all, you can assign a trial project to several new distant employees. You should inform them in advance that the work position is only one and they will compete for that position. Let them know that the trial project will be paid but their performance will determine which of them will become a part of your remote team of employees.

When you have finally found the right person you have been searching for, explore the benefits of using time tracking with screenshots. Besides better monitoring of the remote employee and better understanding of his problems, you will save your time from frequent phone calls. If you are seeing he is dedicated on the project and works well, don’t interrupt the process of work. You will notice that billing is easier when you use tracking software.

All in all, you will see there is difference in managing remote teams and dealing with employees at the office. However, tracking software will give you the opportunity to observe the process of work.

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