How Time Tracking Improved the Work of My Remote Employees

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I am extremely satisfied with the results I accomplished with time tracking with screenshots. Since I started using this software I felt less stressed from managing my employees remotely. I had a clear view of everyone’s work. For the first time I really discovered which members of my team are not producing as much as they have to, and which one are making more from the company than I have excepted. I was really surprised to discover that some of the employees, who I trust the most, are not so dedicated to working on the projects. Also, I rewarded the ones that deserve it.

In order to motivate my remote employees at the end of the month I give a bonus to the most hard-working employee who achieves the best results on the assigned project. I check the screenshots regularly and determine which is employee deserves the bonus. Great members of your team will be happy to prove their skills through time tracking with screenshots. They are content that they will be finally appreciated as their work can be seen through screenshots.

If you want to win more clients, you should present them the opportunity to monitor the work on the project. With time tracking with screenshots, the client can check the screenshots on his project. However, it’s good to know that the client will have limited access to his project only. There are many positive consequences of giving that access to your clients. You will have to answer fewer questions about the progress of the project. They can get this information from screenshots in real time. Clients do like this way of work because they don’t depend on you to understand important information they need. If you are working for the first time with the client, he will feel more comfortable to have direct access to the project information. If he is satisfied with the way you work, for sure he will recommend your services to others.

My employees really like working with time tracking with screenshots, because of the precise and punctual payments. If you are using automatic client billing, your employees will be paid at the end of the week/ month for the hours, they have worked.

Before I introduced time tracking with screenshots, I required from my employees to send me emails at the end of every day to make a short summery of what they have been doing during the day. However, this is really unproductive method of work, as it requires a lot of time both from the employees and employers. Moreover, there was no way to find out whether they are telling me the truth. With tracking software I can see which employees are online, working on the specific project. Also, I can learn when the employees have worked for the last time on the project.

All in all, tracking software helped me discover which my most loyal employees are. Also, I learnt which employees don’t have place in my team. Now, I am sure I am working with the most dedicated and skillful employees, thanks to time tracking with screenshots.

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