Time Tracking with Screenshots – Necessity or Abuse with Power and Authority

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The topic time tracking with screenshots is a question of present interest and it is the reason for many opened disputes nowadays. Every employee needs to understand time tracking software is the new generation software which in just several years will become a necessity in each office. Employers need a convenient way to monitor their employees and to have a clear view over the progress of the assigned projects. Time tracking software is giving them the opportunity to check the work of their remote employees which was unbelievable 10 years ago.

It is understandable that great per cent of the employees don’t feel ok being monitored with time tracking with screenshots. However, employers pay the employees to get the work done and they need a proof that the specific employee is paid for working on the projects, not for chatting with friends. Time tracking with screenshots software does not involve in the personal life of remote workers because the screenshots are taken only during their working hours. The employer does not have access to the personal activities of the employee in his free time. Knowing that every coin has two sides, we need to make clear that both employers and employees have their grounds to vote for or against time tracking with screenshots.

In fact time tracking with screenshots is accepted very well by hard-working freelancers who are not afraid to prove their employers what they are doing at every minute. People who are against the use of time tracking software are those careless employees who use their working hours to check their emails, to chat with friends or to play games online. The ones who are truly dedicated to their work don’t feel scared of using time tracking software.

Screenshots are incredible advantage for supervisors who need to be informed at what stage the project is. They learn how many hours have been worked on the assigned project. Moreover, screenshots let them know what the employee is working on right now. Screenshots are easy way to find out which employees are working at the current moment. When the supervisor has the necessary information from the screenshots, there is no need to call the employees and ask them what they are doing. When the supervisor interrupts the employee while he is working, the employee may slow down his work or at least will lose several minutes, explaining something the supervisor can see on screenshots.

The advantages of time tracking with screenshots are obvious, but let us make a short summery. As we mentioned screenshots save time from making phone calls and asking the employee about the process of work. Second, the screenshots give a clear picture of the progress on every specific project. Third, clients can have a close view of the projects they have paid for. Next, many clients prefer hiring freelancer who agree to use time tracking with screenshots. All in all, this is the best software up to now that gives some kind of control over the work of remote employees.

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