How To Make Overtime Attractive To Your Employees?

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When a small start-up needs some urgent push up or a big company requires emergency progress in order to remain on the market, as well as on its current position, working harder than ever before could be a must. But it’s your staff, which makes the biggest struggles. So no matter how much convincing you sound, when explaining your wife that as the boss of the business you are supposed to be always late for dinner, this sacrifice may not worth it at all. Instead, invest your struggles in convincing in the core of your company – the working engine which makes you move forward. Your team, of course! Make it want to work overtime. And, yes, as a matter of fact, it is possible as soon as you learn the following ways to turn overtime work into a really attractive alternative for your employees:

  1. Introduce it right, with the right presentation and arrangement

The truth is that the very first thing an employee wants from his employer is to be professional. This is why he appreciated your idea to modernize the office management with professional software products like time tracking with screenshots more than your attempt to ask someone how he is after the divorce. So if you are going to make working time overtime, consult with your employment council and HR department workers at first. Legalize your new plan and introduce it as the new policy in your company.

  1. Compensate as a king

The most logical thing to do is to introduce a new payment system according to which overtime wage is higher or even double. Another typical alternative is to offer one extra day-off during an upcoming holiday period or in a week ahead. However, if you introduce something more original – something that most companies have not thought about – your compensation will sound like a reward for the overtime work. Here’s something cool to sleep over: voucher for the biggest salaries in a brand shoe store for women and 3 free of charge automobile maintenance visits at the best mechanic’s place in the town.

  1. Present overtime as a favour any employee does to you

This is how an employee will feel much more needed, important, respectively motivated and appreciated in the company. If you make him or her believe that what he’s or she’s scarifying (personal life, leisure time and even health condition) is amazing, it will sound and look amazing. For this purpose, be meticulous. Have time tracking with screenshots to detect even a single minute spent by an employee on his desk. Go there, shake his hand and tell him you appreciate his help. The company appreciates his help.

  1. Involve seasonal and freelance workers in the process

Usually, they come in emergency situations, when the standard team is unable to deal with the work. This is how the official workers will see their own eyes what the real situation is. Plus – seasonal and freelance workers don’t even have to be convinced that working overtime is fine. They are pros in this!

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