Top Signs That You Are A Desperate Workaholic

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To some it might sound as a compliment, but being called a workaholic is definitely a health alarm to listen to carefully. Not only for your spiritual and physical condition, but also for your self-confidence and love life in future, workaholism is a disease that might harm all of us. Today, in the busy and dynamic world we live in, being a workaholic is both: typical and stressful. And the worst thing is that no doctor yet is ready either to diagnose, or to cure it. This is why you need to follow your own symptoms in order to assure you are a workaholic, respectively to slow it down for a while. Here are some really obvious or just the top signs that show you are a total and desperate workaholic:

  1. Your last burnout was not long time ago

Not only recently, but when it happened, you did not even pay attention on your condition. It’s like a getting a cough for you. You no longer thing a burnout can be such a serious alarm sign that you are putting yourself in a dangerous stress.

  1. You don’t care for the reports of the firm time tracking with screenshots

When a boss discusses with you the next change of the software settings, you don’t even listen to him. And why should you? You don’t care about overtime, because you always work overtime. And you don’t care about the punishments for extra lunch breaks, because you don’t even have lunch in the office. You don’t eat, because eating is time and time is money you prefer to work for instead.

  1. You are the first and the last

Speaking of time tracking with screenshots, they also show that you are always the very first person from your department, who logs in the system and always – the last one to shut down his or her computer. Sometimes, the office taxis are off and no one even recalls about you and your way to get back home. Most of your colleagues believe you sleep there. And even your wife believes in this. You are such a big workaholic that even your marriage cannot be upset because of a cheat suspicion.

  1. You actually hate holidays

And not because you are still single and you get depressed every time when New Year Eve comes and you are going to be on the kid’s table, but because you don’t know what to do with these days-off. You feel lost in a non-working day, when there’s no plan or organization for work, when there’s no work, but time to lose instead of investing in something profitable and useful. Also, holidays seem to you waste of money, because you spend a lot of them and you are deprived of the chance to extra earn something.

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