Time Tracking with Screenshot – the Reason for Running Successful Business

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I needed dramatic change in the way I communicate and monitor my employees, because I wasn’t satisfied by the results my company accomplished. I had higher goals and I needed to find out which my most productive employees are, and which of them are just wasting my time and money. Time tracking with screenshots was the innovative software I was hoping for! In less than a month I witnessed the progress in the working process.

I installed time tracking software on all the company laptops. I told my remote employees this would be the way of work from now on. I made a presentation, explaining the benefits of using time tracking with screenshots. I guess not everyone understood that I will be able to make screenshots of their computers on every few minutes. I found out many employees visit their social network profiles when they are supposed to be working. It was the reason to dismiss those employees because it turned out I am paying them for the hours spent online, chatting with friends and gossiping.

However, you should know that time tracking with screenshots is used only in working hours. I never monitor what my employees are doing during breaks or days off. If you are using this software, you probably know monitoring the employees in their free time is illegal.

Another benefit of using time tracking software is the opportunity to give access of your clients to observe the progress of the work on the assigned projects, they have paid for. Your clients will have restricted access to data about work you’ve done for them. They won’t see the screenshots who are related to other projects your company is working on.

Moreover, you can see the working process in real time. There is no need to call the employee to ask him whether he is working on the project and how many hours/days he needs for the full completion of the project. Just with one click you will see what exactly he is doing on the project. Time tracking with screenshots is a way to monitor all your remote employees as if they are working in your office.

But don’t think that time tracking with screenshots has positive aspects only for the employers. When employees know they are monitored they pay more attention on work and avoid distractions.

At the end of the month I decided to give a bonus to the most productive employee in my company. Without tracking software there was no way to make the right evaluation of my remote employees. It turns out many of them are more productive and hard-working, being compared to the ones who work in my office.

Time tracking software makes payments easier and more accurate. The software I use has 2 options for paying – manual and automatic. I am using automatic payments and payrolls. This option saves me hours for preparing payments and calculating the sums I owe for the completed projects.

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