What is the Most Common Time Tracking Problem?

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Although there are so many benefits of time tracking, managers find it difficult to persuade their employees use time tracking software. After some period of time, they just give up trying and use the old, not so efficient methods for monitoring the employees. Recent researches have shown that over 87% of businesses have problems to introduce time tracking software in their work. The reason for this failure is lack of experience and knowledge how to use properly this new software. In most cases, the employees are just told that from now on they have to use time tracking system, without receiving explanation how to use the software properly. It is crucial for the employees to know that this software has many positive aspects, and is created to help them in their work. They have to understand time tracking is a way to organize your work better and to be more productive. The biggest mistake of employers is that they don’t explain the employees all that necessary information. As a result, employees believe this software invades their personal life.

When you are going to use time tracking explain the employees the greatest benefits of time tracking.

The first consequence of using time tracking software is the better performance of your employees. Every person strives to do his best when he knows he is been monitored. Employees will be much more productive and will stop wasting their time on personal activities like chatting in the social media websites, writing personal emails, etc. At first, they will find it difficult to restrain from these distractions but after a while they will see the benefits. They will finish the work much more easily. Moreover, they will be more focused on the assigned projects and will perform better than before. Achieving higher goals is the key of successful career. They may even receive a promotion because of their fabulous work.

Although some employees feel stressed because of the new software they have to use, it turns out stress has its positive aspects. We all have heard that stress represents one of the main health risks. Also, many people just feel “blocked” when they are in stressful situation. However, some researches have proven that each person reacts different under stress. When there isn’t a stress factor at work, employees feel lazy and are less productive. Let’s give you a simple example: imagine that you are working on your desk and your employer’s desk is right next to you. He is sitting a meter away from you and can see what you are doing every minute. He may see what websites you are visiting and whether you are working. At this situation what would you do? You will stick to your job and won’t even think about checking your Facebook account. For instance, when you have to meet deadline you feel under stress. But with time tracking software you can see the progress of each project you are working on. Also, you can see how many hours you have spent working on this project. With all these helpful information you can organize your time better.

Another advantage of using time tracking software is that the employees receive more precise payments. They just have to be explained how to use the software and what activities should be included in their schedule. Information like time spent for emailing their managers and answering the phone calls will influence their payment.

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