The Stress Factor – Why It Makes You More Productive?

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Many people associate time tracking software with too much stress they just cannot handle. The feeling you are being monitored makes you nervous, especially if you are using time tracking with screenshots. However, let’s think for a second what are you paid for? You are paid for the completion of a project. You are paid to do your job. If you were at your employer’s place, you wouldn’t accept any excuses why the employee has not met the deadline for the project when he had enough time to work on it. You wouldn’t want to pay the employee for visiting social media sites and sending messages to his girlfriend.

Time tracking is a way to organize your work better. That is a working principle for both employers and employees. When you are given the precise information how many hours your employee has worked, you will know how much to pay him. Many freelancers, advertising agencies, lawyers, logistic managers and many more individuals find time tracking have increased their productivity.

Until now, the common spread opinion was that stress makes you low-productive. Too much stress can influence your nervous system and can literally make you sick. But what about the medium stress levels? Will day make you sick? The answer is “No”. Some level of stress every day makes your life more interesting. When you are under stress you won’t get bored. You will strive to accomplish the best results possible. Time tracking gives you that opportunity. You have probably heard the widely spread myth that most people use only 10 per cents of their mental capacity. In fact, some people use less than 10 %! As any other muscle, mind should be trained. Let’s imagine an extreme stressful situation! Imagine you are chased by a lion. Or another stressful situation – you have to get out from a burning building. In such extreme situation the mind starts to work faster. When you are put under pressure, you will come up to conclusions and you will make decisions that would see impossible in typical situation. Many people, who have experienced so extreme situation, confess they achieved something “superhuman”. For instance, they have overcome an obstacle 3 meters high.

Under stress, the adrenaline levels get higher and person becomes more productive. When there is no stressful factor in our life or work, we don’t do anything to perform better. Without time tracking software, installed on our PC, we will waste minimum 2 hours a day in coffee breaks and chatting. And let’s go deeper: when we are chatting, we are not exchanging useful information. We basically are wasting out time for meaningless conversations!

When stress increases, so does our performance at work. Not only time tracking software will increase the stress level at your work. Deadlines, strict managers and too many assigned projects are also stress factors. Besides more stress, time tracking will influence on your payment at the end of the month. You will receive more money, because you have finished more projects and you have used your time the best possible way.

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