Is It Possible For a Newbie To Turn Into an Office Management Master In 4 Weeks Only?

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Once you are put in charge for other people, you acquire an extra full-time job responsibility that will cost you a lot: a lot of time, a lot of efforts, a lot of stress and probably, a lot of friends. As a newbie manager you might meet some serious difficulties into finding the best solutions to control your stuff or to move the working process forward. However, don’t even fall in the trap you are unable to handle it, a competitor might toss you. On the contrary, get yourself motivated and don’t forget that those, who used to be controlled, are two steps ahead, when it comes to learn the management skills they need to control others.

The truth is that every newbie can become a real management master and it will take him up to 4 weeks to achieve it. All you need to do is to follow our successful formula for going in charge for others without being charged for rudeness, incompetence or lack of professionalism. Here are the steps and tricks to follow to turn into a great manager in a month:

  1. Start with your own organization

Never start an unorganized day. You are the role model, so get your day organized at first and then, continue with your team’s organization. Your GPS time tracking software settings should include your own working day route, too, by the way. It’s great to never forget you are still a worker, but not a God, who’s above the others.

  1. Set realistic goals to your workers

Put yourself in their shoes and try to consider if you could do this. For instance, could you make that nasty bitchy competitor’s representative agree on your contract condition with a dinner out in a 5-start restaurant only? And are you ready to make such a move or you are just asking your worker to do the dirty job without even believing it will actually work?

  1. Divide and conquer

No, we don’t mean you to settle conflicts inside your team and appoint a bad and a good cop among your workers. It’s not how ethical business works. Instead, divide the tasks in the working process wisely. When everyone’s aware what his or her responsibilities are, working productivity increases with up to 65%. Receiving timesheets online about everyone’s performance will let you see how each is coping with his or her tasks.

  1. Have a highly motivating system that works for all

Eventually, all workers in a team get closer to each other. They start being alike, which means their interests and preferences get similar, too. After a while, you will see that your team is either money-making, or a Bohemian one. Money-making team will prefer bonus system for high achievements, while the Bohemian workers will ask you to send the winner for the best office results on a Bahamas vacation or something like that.

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