Being a Freelancer and Staying Sane

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30 years ago the world was completely different! And that’s not just an ordinary expression – that’s the reality. The WWW (World Wide Web) did not exist. Everyone has to go to work to make some money. Now we are a part of generation which can sit on the desk at home, in front of the PC and run his life. You can work as a freelancer, get paid, and use the money to order goods that will arrive straight to your address. You can order food that will be delivered to you and you can pay your bills while you are still in pajamas. You don’t have to waste hours, being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work. You don’t have to leave your children with the nanny because you have to go to work. Now, you can allow yourself to be almost superman.

We want to become something more of what we are now and we search for tools that can increase our productivity. Time tracking is one of these tools. This is the most innovative software that keeps your work organized. But who can take advantage of this remarkable system?

Many freelancers, who use this job as an addition income for their family budget, or as a full-time job, experience the problem with time management. At first, being a freelancer seems like the ideal job – you can make enough money and work from any place on the planet you want to be. You can plan a day with the family and work when your children fell asleep. Behind this perfect picture, stands the real situation. When your children go to sleep, exhausted from the joyful day, you want to straight to bed either. But you cannot afford that “luxury” because you have to work.

Often the freelancer works more than he has intended, and yet has the feeling it was not enough. Time tracking software will give you the real evaluation of the hours you have worked. You have to decide how many hours a day you want to work and be strict about this decision. That way you won’t feel exhausted every day from handling too much projects.

Check with time tracking software which the main destructions that waste your time are. See what websites are “eating your time” and work on that problem. When you know how many hours each project requires, you can have a clear vision how many projects you can handle every month. Often it turns out we are wasting our time in meaningless activities online, in stead of focusing on the projects. Time tracking will give you the proof you need that you are not optimizing your time. Probably you can take another project and make some extra money, if you avoid the main online destructions.

Take up hobbies or practice sports in order to distinguish working hours from free time. Making the clear boundary between these two is the most difficult task for freelancers. Engage yourself in outdoor activities in order to keep yourself in good physical and mental condition.

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