Freelance Work Needs Some Spring Cleaning, Too

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In the joyful period before Easter and the during the exhausting time of traditional spring home improvements, we have considered the things you can improve in your freelance work, too. After all, who says spring cleaning is only about removing stains in the kitchen and sanitizing the windows in the bedroom, you actually don’t touch round the entire year, but only at this very moment before the spring holidays? Besides, if spring cleaning has become traditional for the office spaces, too, we are 100% positive that it is required for freelance work, too…

In other words, the spring cleaning in freelance work is our improvised program for removing some spots like bad habits and non-working practices in today’s home-based organizing process. Here is what to change and remove…

  1. Get rid of the annoying phone calls and time-wasting Skype conversations (for employers)

Ok, it’s obvious why you do this. You are trying to put some control over your freelancers and you are making it the friendly way. But when you say “How are you doing, how was the weekend?” in an attempt to make sure your worker is indeed on his desk, you are neither original, nor friendly. Freelancers are not stupid and they are aware of your intentions. Plus – these conversations lose your time and your freelancer’s time. Get rid of them and replace them with the modern time tracking with screenshots.

  1. Get out of your apartment box and smell spring or simply, air your working environment (for employees)

When we spring clean our house, we either air the premises by opening all of the windows, or we simply refresh the garden to put a start for the outdoor fun and parties. In worst cases, we simply clean the house and then reward ourselves with a nice spring tour, trip, walk or a picnic at the outdoors. It is what you should do, if you are freelancer, who’s working at home, too. Actually, you are the one who needs it at most, because you’ve been captured here for the whole day during the winter days. Save yourself some time by managing your working time and reducing all of those things you do and prevent you from being focused and in working process. Try with employee time clock software.

  1. Get ahead winter failures and argues (for both: employees and employers)

Winter never comes alone and it comes with difficulties and its own problems. Even though you have suffered a lot and you experienced some conflicts, start the new season with a smile, with freshness. It is all about spring – beginning once again with no negative thoughts. So no matter how much you missed or could not achieve during winter, better start dreaming and planning your spring achievements! On the other side, If you had some quarrels with the managers or colleagues, get ahead of them and renew the good tone!

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