Top Things To Keep In Mind If Your Freelancer is Yet a College Boy or Girl

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Making the best of your college freelancers might not be the simplest task ever. And the truth is that if this is your first time, probably, it might hurt. As any other first time! Every normal employer will be nervous about hiring a boy or a girl, who’s still in the college. However, let’s face it: the biggest IT talents are mainly among the young people. They are those, who tend to naturally follow the latest trends and to fit the current modern situation. This is why we believe that having freelancers, who are still college boys or girls is by all means a good investment for your business.

The thing is whether you are ready to make the investment and to pay its price. Like any other beneficial thing in business, having freelancer, who’s a college student yet, requires for you to consider some special measures. Thankfully, you can now borrow them from us. We are ready with our list with the top things to keep in mind if your freelancer is yet in college:

  1. You are allowed to show master class teaching control

While they are yet at some point at school, college kids tend to bear the control. They are used to be watched everywhere they go and they understand that such a management is something normal. This is why having GPS time tracking software will not scare such a freelancer. On the contrary, if you have a single 35-year designer, who does not believe in marriage, but only in the basic human rights like being free of limits, you might not get lucky to control him or her at all. Or at least not when you are trying to be so bossy! Mean

  1. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be old for your student freelance

They just love employers, who are younger than their parents. And even if you are 10 years old older than their mothers and fathers, if you are the cool guy, who listens or at least is interested in their music, student freelancers will find a friend in your eyes. And let’s not forget that while a worker is young, everything seems to be so personal. So are the final results at the end of working year. The do depend on your personal relationships with the employees.

  1. Help your employees to become real workers

They might be yet students and freelancers, but never forget that once you looked so much like them. If you help them become true professionals, you will have them by your side in future, too. And which employer does not dream of a talented worker, who’s an unrefined diamond in the industry yet? If you succeed teach him or her in basic organization and working skills, you are the mentor to stand with. Try with specialized software help. Kids love new technologies: CRM systems, timesheets online, digital scheduling boards and etc.

Good luck with your college freelancers!

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