9 Interesting Time Tracking Facts

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In this article I want to attract your attention on the most interested facts, associated with time tracking. Time tracking is an extensive topic and I am pretty sure many of you don’t know the facts you will learn here. So check them out!

  1. Despite of the proven positive effect of time tracking on business growth and the obvious financial returns, great per cent of the businesses don’t use this way of monitoring their employees.

  1. Manual timesheets are far less accurate way of tracking employee’s time being compared to professional time tracking software.

  1. The automated attendance tracking software, more popular as time tracking software, is one of the typical characteristics that make a company successful.

  1. According to the latest researches time tracking software will help you recover up to $110 000 per year! It has been proven that this software will save your money and is one of the best investments for your business.

  1. Time tracking software makes payroll easier!

  1. Employees that use tracking software are more productive and achieve better results at work. Keeping track on their time lets them know what the distraction factors are. As a consequence they avoid visiting these websites and finish projects on time. In addition to that, employer’s can monitor each individual and have a clear view which the most hard-working employees are.

  1. About 60 % of employees don’t know how to track their time. Surprisingly, one of the greatest problems about time tracking is that employers don’t train employees what information to include in their timesheets. They don’t introduce time tracking software the best possible way and because of that, employees feel they are monitored by “Big Brother”.

  1. Some people become time tracking addicts. They track every action during their day, even when they are off work. Many people track their time for 6-7 years every day. They confess this software has helped them make better decisions how to use their time. Knowing how much time exactly will cost you a meaningless chat in the social network websites, is an excellent reason to stop logging in your facebook or tweeter account 20 times a day.

  1. If you are going to use GPS tracking, you should be prepared for the most common problems, employees complain about. The biggest problem with GPS tracking is that the GPS device is not giving accurate information. The solution to this problem is placing your antenna (GPS software) to a place in the car with a clear view of the sky. Trunk of the car is one of the most appropriate places. Another problem for people using this software is downloading data.

  1. There are some ethical issues arising about using time tracking software. Some employees claim time tracking is invading their personal life and refuse using it. This refusal has been used by employers as a reason for dismissal. Many lawsuits are submitted because of improper practices with GPS tracking software. In fact, there is a journal, named “Geoslavery” explaining this term as a practice in which one person – the master – monitors and exerts control over the physical location of another individual.

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