How SCREENish Time Tracking Helps You Increase Efficiency?

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SCREENish time tracking is not your usual productivity app. Using the time tracking and productivity software you can easily increase the efficiency of the work process. You can’t make up for lost time in the past but you can learn to manage the present. With SCREENish time tracking, losing time will no longer be an issue. You will optimize the work process of your team for the betterment of your business.

How SCREENish helps you increase Efficiency?

SCREENish time tracking is designed to improve the engagement of employees and the quality input in the working hours. With all features of the time tracking and productivity app active you can easily control in full the work process.

Employee Engagement and Productivity

Time tracking helps you decrease the number of disengaged employees. Unproductive teams cost both time and money to your organization, therefore building a high-performance and engaged work force will aid your successful business development.

  • You will control and oversee the usage of all active programs and applications. What will be used during the work process is up to you.
  • You can monitor the activity of your employees and seek more ways to effectively manage their work load and contribution to the work process.
  • You can increase the employee engagement providing an organized work process, by assigning and creating projects and teams.

Accurate Wages for Actual Working Hours

The amount of money and time lost due to inaccurate time management is enormous. An estimated average of 4 hours a week per employee are lost and unaccounted for. Therefore, a software that tracks the work done automatically and fills out the error-free web time sheet information, which save you billions.

  • You will know the idle time spent by each employee not working, hence approving only the time spent on the job.
  • You can optimize the budget usage by setting the hourly rates and weekly limits of your team, and access the improved accounting option.

Performance and Activity Boost

What do you really need to do to increase the performance? To know why is it lacking and which are the weak links that stumble the work process. Using the work graph of your team and inspecting the weekly insight provided by the time management app, you will be able to determine which employee:

  • Has not improved their performance on the job.
  • Has the least amount of hours working.
  • Has the lowest activity score.
  • Has the most time spent idle.


It is time to make a change. Give your business and your teams the opportunity to flourish. The benefits of using time tracking and productivity software. We invite you to try out what SCREENish time tracking can do for your business. Get your 10 days free time tracking software trial. No deposit or credit card info required.

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