5 Easy Time Tracking Tips for Freelancers

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A month ago I felt exhausted after I had been working on the assigned project more than 10 hours. I went to bed in 3 a.m. with the thought I need a change. When you are working from home, especially on a project you are interested in, time flies quickly. You won’t notice how 10 hours have gone without standing up from your desk. A dozen cups of coffee is the only fuel you need in this Marathon.

When I woke up the next day I searched online for a solution to my problem. In that moment I found time tracking software which was the tool I needed to ease my work. Now I want to share with you the positive experience and knowledge I gained.

  1. First of all, with the help of time tracking software you may control easily the progress of your projects and your billable hours. Now you will charge your clients for every minute you have spent working on the specific project. You will manage different projects on which you are working easily and you will maximize your profit. At the end of the month, you will notice there are some extra hundred dollars in your pocket while the amount of work has not changed.

  2. There are special programs online which you may use to create invoices within seconds. The best characteristic of these programs is that you do not have to download any software on your personal computer. You just need to sign up and create an account.

  3. If you run your own business, you may use time tracking software to track all your employees and projects. This easy to use software will let you know who is working on a specific project, what its progress is and much more information you have to be aware of. Time tracking is an excellent way to take care for your clients, as well. You can be sure you won’t miss anything important – like scheduled meetings or clients’ birthdays.

  4. One of the drawbacks of being a freelancer is that you are isolated in your home. You cannot interact with your colleagues or superiors when a problem comes up, in order to find a quick solution to this problem. Installing time tracking software with a remote communication tool is a fabulous way to be in touch with the people who work on the same project, for example, and not only. With the help of regular conferences, you may report problems or concerns about the project and thresh out that issue.

  5. A huge mistake for project managers is to over use time tracking software. They check the progress of the assigned project on every two hours and expect something to be changed. Well, this won’t happen. They have to leave the freelancers the freedom to use their time the way they like. The freelancer himself best knows when he should work and when – to have a rest. If project managers trust their remote workers more, they will be more effective in their work.

To sum up, time tracking is a unique tool for both – business managers and freelancers. You just need to get used to it and fill in the required information properly.

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