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time and gps tracking software for employee management
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We have before pointed your attention to the importance of time tracking for project management. Without time we are helpless in front of all the problems regarding any project and unable to create a strong and productive work environment.  How do you improve project and employee management with something as simple but crucial as time tracking?

Our new time tracking software update, will help optimize even further the management of your business. Creating an organized and well-developed work environment with the time tracking software will be your best decision. What are the new features of SCREENish?

With the time tracking software not only the management and accounting are easy and flawless. The employees are provided with a stress-free, organized and calculated working hours.

How Come a Time Tracking Software Can Do So Much For Your Business?


Choose How To Organize The Work Process

SCREENish time tracking with screenshots and activity levels can be set to work however you choose. You are free to optimize whatever parts of the work process you find necessary, and receive your reports based on your desires. You can configure together with your employees, which of the features of the time tracking software will be active.

Pick What You Need!

  • Track time with or without Screenshots – You will be free to either enable or disable the screenshots for particular employees or entire projects.
  • Prevent Distractions – You can use the distraction prevention feature, to help your employees get concentrated on their work. With the distraction prevention option, you will be able to set a list of programs that you consider as distraction ones. Your list can also include specific pages on the internet, like Facebook or any other social media.

With the distraction prevention feature on, the employees will be notified with an alert message, asking if they are still working on their project. The alert message will reappear every 2 minutes until the distraction program/page is closed.

  • Active Programs and Applications – you will have a list of all the active applications or programs used from the employee while the time tracking was active.

Track Even Offline!

  • Offline time tracking – The time tracking app is no longer bound to the internet. With the offline recording time feature, the employee just needs to log in while connected to the internet, and they can switch off their connection.  Time tracking will stop only when employees reach their project time limit.

Know Where Your Money Go!

Your budget’s best friend is the Idle Time feature of the time tracking software. Now, you will know where your work process needs further optimization and how can you speed up the performance, since the time no work was done will be visible.

  • Idle Time – If there was no keyboard/mouse activity the idle time alert will notify your employees. Furthermore, as an employer, you can set the idle time limits for your employees, or in other words, when will they get the alert. The measured idle time will get reported with every screenshot.
  • Weekly Insights – At the end of the week, you will get the idle time per project calculated, and receive an email with both the idle time and used programs.

Improve Your Business and Work Process Management with Time Tracking

  • Error-free accounting. You will no longer be dependent on the unreliable paper timesheets, or miscalculations. You will be able to accurately distribute your budget, knowing that all the working hours of your employees were recorded and their wages calculated for you.
  • Performance track– With one look at the work graph, you will know where does your work process need more upgrades. Using the graph you will see the overall performance of your office each week.

All your projects will be managed with ease, all data safely recorded and stored, for your eyes only. You are one step closer to improving your business. SCREENish has a 10 day free trial, no credit card information required! Click here to register and start improving your business.

Track Employees On The Go!

The software can be used for desktop computer, but we offer a time and GPS tracking app for android mobile phones as well. For all the features of the time and GPS tracking mobile app check here:

The time tracking software of SCREENish is created to solely optimize the working hours, productivity, and performance. And now it comes with many more awesome features to help you build and maintain an organized and productive work process.

The time tracking is invaluable for both small and corporate businesses. It not only helps everyone develop better time management skills but also aids the team effort and accuracy. With the time tracking software, the management of both in-house and remote employees is effortless, simple, and better!

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