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time and gps tracking for android app
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SCREENish Time Tracking with GPS and Screenshots is an app for tracking employee activity. The intuitive app of SCREENish will connect you with your employees, and help you manage the work process even remotely. The time tracking app comes with several features, which let you easily distribute and monitor the work process.

All your management needs in one place


  • Projects and teams. Using the website, you will be able with few simple clicks to create projects and organize teams.
  • Task distribution simplified. You can assign tasks to your employees using the website, they will just need to log on, choose a task, and start tracking.
  • The real-time access to your entire team will give you the opportunity to manage your employees from any location.
  • Desktop app. SCREENish has not only a mobile app, but a desktop time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels, so you can manage the work process of your office and outsourced employees as well!


  • Accurate time tracking. Employees use the app to track time spent working on their assignments. You will have their exact working hours, and forget about disputes and lost time.
  • Safe information in a protected cloud-based storage. The gathered data is safe and secure in your profile at our website
  • Error free payrolls. The website presents you with an accounting function, where you can adjust your employee’s hourly rates and weekly limits. Thus you will have their wages calculated for you, based on exact working time, not just guesses. The accounting system makes time keeping error-free.


  • GPS monitoring. The app has a GPS tracker that can work even offline, as long as your employees log in while connected to the internet. With the GPS tracker, you can tell at any given moment if an employee has reached their destination. Or if they are offline, as soon as they log in, you will have their route, time, and location uploaded!
  • Uploads. The employees have the options to upload pictures and notes with the app, thus keeping you informed at all time. This way you will have instant information if needed.
  • Battery- friendly background app. The app is working on the background, so it will not interfere with any other processes. It is battery friendly and does not use up all the power of the mobile device.

Get SCREENish Time & GPS Tracking for Android!

SCREENish is designed for management of employees both in the office and outside. All your employee’s data will be stored for you to review whenever you feel like it. With the effective features of the app and website, you will be able to track all your employees’ work, even when they are traveling on assignment.

Our android app will be released soon. Meanwhile, SCREENish has a credit-card free trial of 10 days so you can check it out.

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