Which Are the 7 Most Successful Online Advertising Strategies ?

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The internet allows an unlimited connection between a company and its customers. The field of advertising is so vast, that there are endless possibilities to popularize your brand’s name.

The 7 most successful online advertising campaigns are all connected to the social media giants.


Advertising in the Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and with AdWords is an easy way to popularize your product/service. However, to connect to any of the Social Media, you must rely on nothing else but what you have to show. Any advertising strategy online requires for you to use SEO and SMM.

Which are The 7 Most Successful Online Advertising Strategies ?

Get Optimized

 Although SEO is not an easy science, there are lots of things you can do to use it efficiently, even if you are not a professional, or you cannot currently afford to hire one. Focusing on your content and optimization can take you up in the midst of your top rivals. The now modern usage of #hashtags made it extremely easy for many businesses to gain much-needed popularity. For more about SEO and few valuable tips, you can check here:

Give Away


When it comes to advertising in the social media, there are more ways you could get lots of followers, attention, and even customers. One of the most popular and trending strategies today is the “Like & Share to get a present”. A free giveaway at no cost will circulate your website in any social media, driving crazy amounts of visits. Meanwhile, you will for sure score some sales.

Make an Event


Another valuable online advertising strategy is to create an event. Now, events do not always work for businesses without an actual physical shop. Yet, if you have one, spreading the word you have a new collection, a sale, or limited edition something to offer at one exact date and hour, can do magic. Bravely declare your event and spread the news across all social media profiles, communities, and groups.

Center the Attention


Blog and forum comments are another powerful advertising strategy. Forming a team to do exactly that and mention your product/service in related forums and blogs will help out in the building of backlinks, also getting people to know about you. This may be a slower way to gain visits and potential customers, but will help you out a lot in the long run.

Get Listed

Being mentioned in a list of “The Most..” or  “Top…” is another way you could gain a fair amount of visits and potential customers. Getting in a list like that, published in a renowned website with viral posts is an ideal advertising strategy for a small business with lots to promise. Recently exactly such lists generate more visits than the classical articles.

Go Viral

Making interesting viral posts, video, and lists yourself in your website is another way. Learnign the art of creating a viral posts will pay you back enourmously in the end. It does not matter what your business’ niche is, as long as it is somehow connected. You can sell car tyres, and still go viral with enough imagination and determination.

Organize a Competition


Organize an online competition of a sort and encouraging people to participate in it will also be a successful move on your side. People love winnign awards and getting in competitions, just use that to your best advantage. Many businesses in social media today use that way of advertising to gain more followers, likes, and customers for sure.

Anyhow, for all your online advertising, your best friend will forever be the Social Media. It gives great posibilities if you give them a chance. The era we live in today is fully controlled by those giants, and they give you the opportunity to create numerous connections worldwide.


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