Management of Mobile Teams is Now Easy and Simple!

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Today a lot of businesses have mobile teams that run errands all around. Management of mobile teams has always been difficult, expensive, and with inaccurate timesheets. However, now it is absolutely possible to track your mobile team on the go, without any issues or complications.

How does SCREENish time and GPS tracking mobile app help you?

With the new android GPS tracking app, you can effortlessly track the work process of mobile teams. This simple employee location monitoring app will give real-time access to the whereabouts of your team. Just loging in your profile at our website, you will:

    • Track employee location on the Go
    • Monitor employee route and stops
    • Track employee drive time
    • Receive work-related notes and photos from your employees
    • Track even offline teams
    • Access automatic error-free timesheet and accounting

The mobile team management app for Android gives you yet several more great advantages. To help you better organize your work process, the app will allow employees to work on assigned projects, so you can track, which task is done and move to the next one.

Another valuable addition is the accounting option, which is available for the Time and GPS tracking app. You can form mobile teams and projects, set hourly rates and weekly limits. Therefore, you will have ongoing access to your team related expenses and control your budget accordingly.

The simplified task distribution process, accurate time and location tracking, battery friendly app, and real-time access, give your management the opportunity to optimize the working hours and expenses.

The cloud-based app will give you the safety and security you need to operate your mobile teams. All data will be stored for your eyes only, for you to review whenever you please. Access it from your profile at our website, and easily manage all your teams and projects.

The time and GPS tracking Android app is perfect for various types of mobile teams and businesses. It will help you improve the work process, inspire responsiveness, develop a better organization, and optimize all costs.

The productivity of your in-house or outsourced team needs optimization too? Check out the latest updates of our desktop time tracking software here:

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