The Top 5 SEO Tricks To Help You Grow Your Small Business

SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
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Today it is all about your name being in the first pages of the search engines. Businesses’ main concern is developing a successful SEO strategy and implementing it meticulously. If you are a startup you really need to get started with your SEO campaign as soon as possible.

However, hiring a professional SEO with all the credentials, certificates, and etc, is beyond expensive for a small business owner. In such cases, some turn to outsourced SEO professionals, or … learn to do it themselves. Learning the SEO trade is hard as it is, but you can start with few small tricks, just to get the things in motion.

Nevertheless, whether you hire a professional or try and do it yourself, you need to know at least the basics. These are The Top 5 SEO Tricks To Help You Grow Your Small Business and swim in the tank with the big fishes.

It’s All About Content

SEO,  search engine content optimization

Write Awesome Articles

SEO can be on-page and off-page one. The on-page content off your website is a good place to start if you haven’t done it before. MakeĀ  great readable articles and blogs, make your content understandable for the general user.

Use short sentences and small paragraphs. Use pictures that serve the content of your piece. Use Headings and Sub-Headings. In other words, make it interesting, organized and worth to read.

Engaging content will help you establish a connection with the web society. It shows that you have something to say and something to offer, and both deserve attention.

Know The Right Words

Search engines are quite specific for the keywords usage in the website content. Knowing your keywords and implementing them in the content is of utmost importance. There are numerous tools which can show you which your keywords and keywords niches are.

However, do not go blindly with these. When it comes to keywords specifics, it is recommended to first research the pages of the competition. Check out their choice of words and how does it work for them.

Capitalize It, Optimize It, Tag It and Bag It!

The usage of Titles, Meta-tags, Meta-Description, Images Alt Description, etc is of first priority for your on-page SEO. They let the search engines understand what is your page all about, but not only. With an amazing description that is also optimized, you can, in fact, increase the interest of the reader as well.

What is also important is you do not forget to put the right description to your images in the “Alt” section. Did you know most of the people search the images and videos, when they look for something specific?

Link It

Building backlinks is yet one more SEO trick you have to learn how to use. Up until now, there are a lot of contradicting opinions on how to properly build backlinks for a web page, but there is one thing all agree about. Do it manually.

Do not use websites that generate backlinks all over the internet for “$5”. There is something called website ranking and you do not want to go in the blacklist of the search engines. Build backlinks from other websites, that are trustworthy and connected to your business subjects.

Make internal backlinks to your sub-pages on the website. Using internal backlinks to organize the content of your website, make it readable, and structured is also important. Together with everything else, it will make your page more solid, and easy to work with.

Go Viral, Go Social

Social media marketing, SMM, SEO

The social media pages like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, along with many others, are the places where your future customers and investors dwell. Make profiles in each one of them, build the online face of your business, and get to work.

Share your content with the audience, search for special groups, forums, and communities, interact with the members. Furthermore, the social pages also play an important role for your backlink building.

It is Time to Profit

Making it to the first pages of the search engines is you first priority for the online marketing of your small business. The sooner you make it there, the sooner you will see all the positive results of being popular on the internet. As a startup or an entrepreneur, you should focus your strength in being recognized on the market.


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