5 Ways Time Tracking With Screenshots Can Improve Employee Performance

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On contrary to many people’s beliefs, the time tracking software is not made to micromanage and make employees’ life harder. It is actually made to the benefit of both the company and the employees. If you have asked yourself how exactly will time tracking help you improve your employees’ performance you have to read the lines below.

We have often pointed to the importance of the good time management skill and the benefits of it. When it comes to the performance of a team, time tracking with screenshots is the solution that will increase that skill and help you improve the productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

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Every business does need a team that will be time efficient and organized in order to achieve more and flourish. Nowadays it is even more so demanding your business to have the strong foundations only a developed team can achieve. Therefore, what you need is to control and constantly refine the work process, techniques, and ideas.

Which Are the 5 Ways Time Tracking With Screenshots Can Improve Employee Performance?


I. Effective time tracking will reduce time wasters like miscommunication and repeat. These two have always been the 2 most common time wasting mistakes that can slow down the work process or even significantly decrease the productivity.

Whenever there is miscommunication due to unclarity of tasks, plans and such, all involved always  use up a considerable amount of time to put things back together. And as a result of miscommunication comes the repeating. Workers doing the same task all over again or doing the same tasks unaware that they are already undertaken. With a time tracking with screenshots software the organization of the work process is simplified, clear and impossible to fail.

II.   With the usage of time and attendance tracking software, you improve the delegation. Ineffective delegation is another formidable enemy of every team leader, manager or business owner. Poor delegation often leads to chain reactions that can only lit frustration and stress which leads to nothing good. Without good, organized tasks delegation and leadership you risk stumbling upon anarchy, disorganization, miscommunication, and discontent.

This is where the usage of project and time organizational software like the time tracking with screenshots or the time and GPS tracking app come to the rescue. They are ideal for the project organization and task delegation for teams of all sizes, with no matter if they are in-house, mobile or remote.

III.   Clear lines of authority are possible with the usage of  team time management software. The lines of authority are of utmost importance for any team. Outlining the hierarchy in your company will save a huge amount of time that is usually being wasted on finding who does what and where should one go to do what he is supposed to.

For team management and departments’ organization, the clear lines of authority mean an organized workflow and hence more work is done in a less amount of time. Again, using time and attendance tracking software and forming teams will help you easily organize all the departments, employees, and workloads.

IV.   Clear and complete information regarding one’s job and tasks and the strategy of the team’s project  will always help you save time and increase the performance.  Needless to say, clear instructions and visible goals are a must for the success of any initiative.

Shooting in the dark will not do the trick unless you are bidding on pure luck, and this is something no professional should risk doing. Certainly, you cannot expect your employees to do so. The time tracking with screenshots software is equipped with the features that will allow you to easily outline the goal and means to any task and project, and therefore increase the chances of success. Moreover, clear instructions are a time saver and productivity booster.

V. Self-discipline and better time management skills are primary for the good of any team and business. Ingraining that productive spirit and removing obstacles from your team will help you improve the performance of those who actually do their work. You will often hear people complaining that you cannot monitor their work. We will tell you why you should do it.

People who are slacking, hiding and not doing their job are usually the ones that have an issue being monitored. People who understand that monitoring and time tracking help and ease both the employees and the employer have no issue over it. How does time tracking with screenshots and activity levels help all of you then?

  • It is 100% more accurate for time reporting, hence no one will get underpaid and you will get to use your budget more efficiently.
  • It will track the workload, activities, and take screenshots only if adjusted, therefore you can prevent mistakes, problems, and issues that risk the successful development of your projects.
  • It will inspire to optimize the time you have and refine the used techniques. This way everyone will increase their productivity and efficiency using much less time and put fewer efforts than before.
  • It will enlighten you who drags the team down and forces the others to pick up the slack without even knowing. This way you will be able to pick only the strong, worthy individuals in your team.
  • It will improve everyone’s personal time management and organization skills, which are important in achieving the work/life balance everyone is searching for.

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The adjustable features of SCREENish time tracking with screenshots software let you decide how to lead your team. You can choose how and with who ot use it. The software is developed solely to help you maximize your team’s efficiency and ease the work process in a simple and affordable way.

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Begin improving your employees’ performance now.  We invite you to use the software’s trial of 10 days for free time tracking with screenshots and activity levels.

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