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Once you decide it is time for your business to Outsource, you will have to  research for the best Outsourcing destinations and Management strategies. Outsourcing is not as risky as it was 10 years ago when active remote management was not available. Nowadays you can easily manage your Outsourced team using software, and not rely solely on a physically present Team Manager.

According to The Forbes, by 2015 the best outsourcing destinations are India, Philippines, Russia, China, Canada, Mexico, Ireland yet over the last years Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, have proved to be resourceful ones.

When you choose the right country for your outsourcing needs and examine the market, the financial and strategic factors, laws, and etc, you have to one more important decision. This is where you will have to think how will you effectively manage your outsourced team. The developed technology market has come up with the best outsource management solution. The time tracking software.

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What are the benefits of using time tracking with screenshots for the management of your outsourced team?

Using the time tracking with screenshots and activity levels software powered by SCREENish will allow you to actively manage all your remote, mobile or in-house team. The time tracking software for desktop computers is with adjustable features for maximum efficiency and will give you information like:

  • How much time was spent on each particular website/app by each and every employee?
  • How many working hours has the employee have and hence, have they worked on schedule and came to work on time?
  • What are the workload and productivity of your employees, and activity during each project and task?
  • What’s the idle time count, during which they do not work, or are away from the keyboard?
  • What are they truly working on? With the screenshots and the active programs features active, you can see all they are doing. Whether they are using auto-clickers and trying to deceive the program and you, what is that they are working on during working hours.
  • Your employees can set notes for their projects to let you know the current status of their work.
  • You can adjust programs and sites you wish your employee not to visit, by just making a list using the “Distraction prevention feature”, hence to further make sure your money are not going to the bin.
  • You can adjust your budget, set hourly limits and rates. This way you will have an active accounting solution running and you can follow in real time how your budget is spent and what is left of it.
  • You can form teams and set projects and tasks to teams and individuals alike.
  • You will receive emails and follow on your dashboard the weekly performance of your team and each individual employee.
  • You can share the information for your projects with chosen clients, by simply sending an email to them. Otherwise, your gathered work process data is available for your eyes alone.
  • You can use the SCREENish time and GPS tracking app for Android to follow up on your mobile team. Their route, stops and time spent on every location and on the go. And even receive notes and photos from them if deemed necessary.
  • Your employees can track their time even offline and without an active internet connection, and the time tracking with screenshots desktop app will record everything as you have set it up to, as long as they login while online.
  • Your employees can use the time and GPS tracking android app even without internet connection as long as they log in while online.
  • You can download all recorded data and accounting of your outsourced team and store it wherever you like.

Stay competitive and strong using the best outsource management solution, the time tracking with screenshots software by SCREENish. Effectively manage all your remote, in-house and mobile teams and increase their performance and productivity. Using a time tracking software the management of your outsourced departments will be easier than ever. A simple but effective employee management solution.


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